Why Routine Painting is Good for Your Business

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Like all things, a building will deteriorate over time.  The materials of a building slowly erode away from the elements, the weather, and other causes. The paint on your building’s surface is the first line of defense against the elements. It helps protect your building from the sun, wind, and rain. Paint can also protect your building from mold and mildew. 

Just like all building materials, paint can wear away over time. Having a commercial painting company routinely paint the interior and exterior of your building provides many benefits to the business owner.

New paint can give your building a fresh look

Benefits of Routinely Painting Your Building

One of the most apparent benefits of routinely painting the outside of your commercial building is that it will look nice. While this is true, routinely painting your building also improves how your customers and clients perceive your company. People prefer to go to places that look nice. They like doing business with companies that have a clean look to them. A freshly painted building is eye-catching. It may catch the eye of a potential customer and draw them in to find out what your company does. 

Another benefit of routinely painting the exterior of your commercial building is that it adds value. This goes hand-in-hand with how customers and clients view your company. 

Lastly, regular painting is cost-effective. Painting is a form of preventative maintenance. Painting helps keep out the elements so that you do not have to replace parts of the structure regularly.

Additionally, some of the benefits of regularly painting the interior of your building are the same. Regular painting helps keep mold and mildew out of the structural parts of your building. Painting helps protect your investment. As with the exterior, regularly painting the interior can improve your customers’ impressions of the company. It will also help set a good first impression with new customers and clients. 

Along with customers and clients, regular painting helps the morale of employees. A clean, well-maintained space makes employees proud of where they work. It may also boost their attitude and productivity. 

The interior of your business can affect the mood of employees and customersPainting the interior can also help establish your company’s brand. The color scheme can connect with what your company does and thereby strengthen your brand. 

And color affects how humans perceive things. For example, if your company is a hotel, you’ll want to paint the room neutral colors because they create calmness and relaxation. A bright or vibrant color may be better suited if you are a retail store because it conveys energy. The color scheme can be tailored to your company and its goals. 

Lastly, performing regular painting of the interior of your building will help keep your building cleaner, and it may help you maintain compliance with health and safety regulations.       

Faded paint is a sign it's time to repaintHow to Know When it is Time to Paint Your Building

There are many tell-tale signs that your building needs to be painted. One of the signs is that the color on the walls is fading or becoming discolored. Besides time in between paintings, the discoloration can also signal that the paint is deteriorating prematurely. 

Another sign that your paint is deteriorating prematurely is cracking in the paint. A small crack in your paint can lead to more and much bigger problems. If the gaps are not addressed, they can turn into larger spaces that allow water to enter and permeate the surfaces. Cracks and peeling can lead to moisture getting into the paint and the materials underneath. In turn, that can lead to mold and mildew. Water, mold, and mildew can lead to severe structural damage. 

The problems that can be caused by prematurely deteriorating paint can cause your company to spend more money on repairs than regularly painting your building. 

Lastly, if there is bubbling or blistering in the paint, your building more urgently needs a paint job. Bubbling and blistering are a consequence of a loss of adhesion. This can happen if the paint job is not done in the right conditions the first time, if it is exposed to rain or high humidity while it is drying, or if moisture trapped in the walls is trying to escape.      

Regularly painting the interior and exterior of your commercial building has many benefits. Streamline Painting and More has the knowledge and experience to perform this step of regular preventative maintenance on your commercial building. Our vast experience makes us the ideal candidate for your painting project. Contact us to get a free estimate for painting your commercial property.  

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