What You Need to Know before Choosing Paint in the Woodlands, TX

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Can exterior paint be used indoors?
Let’s say you’ve found the right paint for you to redo all your shutters, for example, and decide to use a bit of the paint to repaint a small stool that’s in your living room. Is it a good idea?

There is a good reason why paints are classified according to their properties and performance.

Exterior paints usually contain specific chemical additives, such as pesticides, which can be toxic for indoor use.
Conversely, interior paints do not have components ensuring great resistance to UV or humidity: they would not last long when used outdoors.

Glycerol paint or acrylic paint?

Glycerol paints have a strong smell and require good ventilation if you paint indoors because they contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) harmful to the environment and your health.
Therefore, they are composed of solvents, which act a bit like a preservative while waiting for you to use the paint; they keep your paint liquid, and they evaporate to make your paint dry.
In addition to solvents, paint resins contribute to the adhesion of paint to surfaces. The pigments give the desired shade to the paint.
And finally, the additives also include biocides to prevent the formation of fungi and repel insects, as well as to allow you to keep your opened jar hermetically sealed for several months. This paint can be cleaned with white spirit.

In general, glycerol paints are more resistant than acrylic paints: they are therefore preferred for the exterior, whether it is a wood or metal surface.

Among these additives, some are specific to interior paints (kaolin) to make them more resistant, and others to exterior paints (zinc oxide) to make them shine and prevent discoloration and mold.

Acrylic paints are also called water-based paints: they are mainly used indoors, probably also because they emit less odor than others, wash off with water and dry faster, but don’t forget to open the windows to avoid inhaling them.
Contrary to what one can imagine, they are not without risk for the environment.
Besides, after painting, prolonged exposure in your interior to these glycol ethers derived from butyl glycol is potentially hazardous to your health.

Choose Based In the Surface You Want To Paint

Buying paint cans isn’t all about choosing the color or finish. To choose the right wall or ceiling paint, it is important to know the surface’s characteristics to be painted.
Not all surfaces are painted with the same paints and in the same way.
Therefore, it is necessary to differentiate between painting work on walls, ceilings, floors, or even exterior facades.

Also, the destination material is an essential criterion to take into account.
The paint to be applied may differ depending on whether it is a concrete wall, a plasterboard partition, or even wallpaper, for example.
The paint for interior walls, therefore, depends on the material of construction of the substrate.

The choice of paint and especially its type also depend on the room to be renovated. There are special paints for every room in the house:
For example, kitchen paints are washable and allow regular cleaning to remove traces of grease or dirt.
The paints for the bathroom are resistant to contact with water and especially humidity.
Paints for the rooms are more matt than shiny and above all, less harmful to health.

We must therefore find the right paint for each room in the house.
The quality of the paint is also an important factor because it directly impacts the hanging.
For successful painting jobs, opt to purchase quality, branded paint.

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