What to Look for When Choosing a Professional Painting Contractor

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Summer can be an extremely busy time of the year. Choosing a professional painting contractor that meets your needs can put your mind at ease instead of adding to the stress and busyness of the summer. To find the best painting contractor for your painting project, you can compare the different characteristics of each one.


The best way to find out if the contractor you’re considering is qualified for the work you need to have done is to research the company before you talk with them. Look for online reviews and referrals. Ask people who have recently had their home or business painted by that contractor to share their experience.

You may want to contact each professional painting contractor directly and ask them about their certifications and associations. This will tell you if they are licensed professionals and if they stay up to date on the latest painting techniques.

Another question to ask a contractor is if they have insurance. If they do not have proper licensing and insurance, they should not be on your potential contractor list. The professional painting contractor you select should also have industry experience. If the contractor has the experience, it can make a world of difference. An experienced painting contractor will be more likely to stay on budget, adhere to deadlines, not run into safety issues, and foresee and minimize unexpected problems.  

What to Look for When Choosinga Professional Painting Contractor

Product Knowledge and Products Used

Your home and your business (one and the same if you WFH) are important places to you. Because of this, you likely want them to look their best. 

When hiring a professional painting contractor, you’ll want to make sure they’re using high-quality paints and tools. A good painting contractor should be knowledgeable about the products they are using. They should also have a keen eye for detail.

The contractor should be knowledgeable about prep work that needs to be done to your home or building to bring about the best results. They should also be able to guide you regarding the timing and effort it will take for their painters to complete that prep work and manage the process from beginning to end.

 Most professional painting contractors you’ll be comparing are local to your area. This is helpful because local painting companies know the types of materials that will work best for the conditions there. They also have experience with your area’s weather. This can be helpful when planning an exterior painting project. Additionally, hiring a local painting company is an investment in the people that live and work in your community. 

What to Look for When Choosinga Professional Painting Contractor

Price and Time Frames

Your time and money are valuable. When looking for a professional painting contractor, you need someone who fits your budget and time frame. It is okay to “shop around.” Get estimates from companies, and then compare them. Also, ask the contractor how long your specific project will take and how soon you can get on their schedule.

When “shopping around” for the best price and timeframe that fits your project, you should also look for any reviews that discuss the contractor’s reliability. You’ll want someone who is going to follow through with what they promise. If the company has a track record for not showing up or missing days that were not previously discussed, you might want to go with someone else.

What to Look for When Choosinga Professional Painting Contractor


Lastly, find out if the professional painting contractor you have in mind has any guarantees. A great painting contractor has a commitment to their customer to the quality of work they provide. They should guarantee that the work they do on your home or business will meet your standards and expectations.

One thing that sets a good professional painting contractor apart from a great one is their communication skills. The contractor you choose should take time to listen to your requests and your vision for space(s) you are getting painted. Communication helps the project go smoothly and with few disruptions. 

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