What Floor Coating is Right for Your Building?

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Maintaining and protecting your building is easier said than done. It requires both the ability to organize and schedule necessary maintenance work, along with knowledge about the products that will best provide protection for the exterior and the interior of your building.

When it comes to protecting your building’s surfaces, you may initially focus on walls or roofs, but you don’t want to miss the importance of protecting your floors. Proper floor maintenance is just as significant for the longevity of your building as painting or weather-proofing the walls and ceilings. In addition to increasing the lifespan of your flooring material and building overall, the proper floor coating provides a safe surface for your unique working environment.

Floor Coating Options

There are several popular options for commercial floor coatings, each offering unique advantages for different needs. While it’s helpful to understand the features of various coatings, a professional consultant will be best qualified to make recommendations to suit your building’s function. These recommendations are typically based on space utilization, safety concerns, OSHA standards, project budget, and time constraints.

Methyl Methacrylate (MMA)

This durable and versatile quick-setting option is ideal for projects needing a quick turnaround; it sets in about an hour and can cure at low temperatures. Typically, MMA has a matte or satin finish with high chemical and wear resistance. MMA requires thorough floor preparation for proper adhesion. Due to the nature of the application, MMA is typically more expensive but remains popular as it is easy to re-coat.

Find the right floor coating for your office, warehouse or showfloor.


An excellent option for resurfacing concrete floors, urethane can be used to add color to indicate walkways or boundaries. Urethane also adds a layer of chemical- , slip- , and abrasion-resistance to your floors. This coating system offers the best protection for floors at risk of cracking due to drastic changes in temperature. While the color additive is a desirable feature for some, this type of flooring can take up to two days to cure, a time constraint that may be prohibitive for some situations.


Heavy foot and machine traffic areas will benefit from an epoxy system, as it is best known for its wear-resistance. Epoxy is a low-maintenance and chemical-resistant option with a seamless and high-gloss finish. One disadvantage to keep in mind is that epoxy acts as an insulator, resulting in the buildup of static electricity as people move across these floors. An electrostatic discharge (ESD) floor may be an alternative option. As one of the least expensive options on the market, epoxy is a common choice.

Floor Coatings for Your Business Based on Industry

Choosing the right floor coating for your building’s needs ensures that your space is utilized to its maximum potential. But selecting the right coating for your flooring can be difficult, even after reviewing the various features. If you are still unclear about which finish would work best for your building, Streamline Painting & More suggests that you consider the industry-specific recommendations below.

Manufacturing & Warehouse Flooring

For manufacturing companies, safety on the warehouse floor is of the utmost importance. Protecting your concrete from cracks and chips is especially important for buildings without climate control. Urethane or epoxy may be the best options for your warehouse for the seamless finish, safety, and cost-effectiveness.

Healthcare & Food Industry Flooring

In medical or restaurant environments, clean and non-absorbent flooring is crucial. These spaces require flooring that repels fluids, can endure regular chemical cleanings, and meet OSHA standards. The anti-microbial protection offered with MMA floor coatings ensures the highest level of hygiene and sanitation.

Epoxy provides an extremely durable surface for offices and retail.

Retail & Office Space Flooring

An epoxy floor coating may not seem like your first choice for a retail or office space but consider that epoxy provides an extremely durable surface with low maintenance and easy cleanup. Additionally, a high sheen epoxy can brighten your interior naturally while creating a unique aesthetic at a low cost. While carpets easily stain and accumulate dirt, allergens, and moisture, epoxy wipes up quickly and promotes cleaner indoor air.

Although any of these options may work for your building type, the key to choosing the right flooring is understanding how their features align with your goals. If you are ready to move forward with your building project, we recommend collaborating with an experienced commercial contractor to finalize your plans. Our team of professionals at Streamline Painting & More are happy to further explore the floor coating options that would best suit your needs. Contact us for a free estimate and let us help you transform your building for the new year.

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