Tips to Prepare for your Commercial Painting Project 

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Your company has decided that it is time for your building to get a fresh new look. Now, you are tasked with figuring out where to start and what needs to be done before the project can begin. 

When planning a commercial painting project, there are a few things a company should consider before the painting begins. Each consideration, when addressed, will help minimize surprises when it comes time to complete the painting project.

Tips to Prepare for your Commercial Painting Project 

Consider the Extent of the Project

Determining a timeline for how long the project will take is crucial. This helps set a budget for the project. Having a pre-set timeline can help avoid disruptions to your company’s workflow and help you stay within your budget. 

Before beginning the project, you also want to think through how many buildings will be painted and what parts. Does your company have multiple buildings? Are they all being painted at this time? Are you having only the exterior painted or will the interior be painted as well? If the interior is being painted, will part of the building need to be closed? If exterior, will an entrance need to be closed for a time? 

Before starting, you need to make sure that there are not any repairs that need to be made before the painting begins. Make sure that your building is up to code. If painting the exterior, it may need to be pressure washed beforehand. Cleaning your building’s exterior by power washing it will extend the longevity of your building’s paint finish. 

You will also want to make sure that there are not any plants or shrubs that will be in the way of the painters. For interior paint jobs, small and fragile objects may need to be removed so they do not accidentally get damaged. Pictures may need to be taken down and stored away. These precautions help keep your things from getting lost or damaged.  

Lastly, what time of year do you want your painting project to take place? Some companies have a slow season. It may be better to have a painting project done during that time to avoid confusion and a disruption in the workflow of the company. Additionally, for some companies, completing painting projects at night or on the weekends while the building is not being used is best. However, this is not an option for everyone. Since you know your company best, you can accurately assess the optimal time for the painting project to be completed.  

Tips to Prepare for your Commercial Painting Project 

Choosing the Right Color 

Choosing the right color may be more important than you think. The color of your building is the first thing that customers and clients see. Your building represents your company. The colors you select represent your business and how you want it seen by existing and prospective clients. 

If your company has been established for a long time, you may have a color scheme already in place. If not, the company’s logo can be used as inspiration for setting a color scheme. Real estate trends and how colors affect people’s psychology can also be used as inspiration for your choice of color. 

Choosing the right color for the building is often a last-minute thought. However, the right color scheme can make an impact on how a customer or client views your company. The right color can add long-term value to your company.

Tips to Prepare for your Commercial Painting Project 

Inform Employees, Customers, and Neighbors

Before the project is started, employees, customers, and neighbors should be informed about the details of your building’s painting project. Letting employees know before the painting begins, gives them time to rearrange their schedule as needed. Let employees know if they will lose access to a part of the building or an entrance. 

If the building needs to be closed for a day or two, informing employees and customers about the closure eliminates confusion and minimizes any problems. Letting neighbors know about your exterior painting project allows them to take precautions to eliminate dust and other elements from entering their premises. Communicating with employees, customers, neighbors, and the painters will minimize as many distractions as possible. 

A commercial painting project can also be a great way to celebrate your company. Holding a grand re-opening when the project is complete can create some excitement about your company and the building’s new look.

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