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What is paint made of and what is the difference between expensive paints and cheaper paints?

These days it seems like technology has a role to play in all aspects of our daily lives. What some may not know, is how technology has improved the quality and safety of paint. Professional painters have been using advanced paints for the last ten years or so. But what makes these newer paints better than the one or two options that building owners used to have many years ago?

Technology, according to Merriam-Webster means “a capability given by the practical application of knowledge.” In this sense, specialists and engineers have taken new information about paint characteristics, formulas, and properties and have utilized this new information to make old paint formulas better, with more beneficial properties. One example is the odor given off by old paints. With new V.O.C. technology, not only is the overbearing odor from newly painted surfaces a thing of the past, so too are the harmful chemicals that caused those overbearing odors.

We’ve seen time and time again that these changes are better both for the environment and the surfaces they’re meant to improve. Here’s a look into some of these advances and how they are used in commercial settings.

Colorant Technology

As one of the leading paint suppliers for professional contractors, Benjamin Moore understands the need to improve and maintain quality in their products. For decades, their paint manufacturing process has been at the forefront of their ingenuity in creating their paint and has helped Benjamin Moore hold one of only a few coveted spots for the best paint companies in the world. With new paint formulas and colorants, Benjamin Moore has brought Gennex® Color Technology to life. The durability and depth of color bring professional contractors back to this brand time and again for its consistent quality finish.

Gennex Paint by Benjamin Moore is a great example of the technological advances in paint
Photo from Benjamin Moore

One of the greatest accomplishments of the improvements to paint is the zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) paints. Environmental standards have required paints to have either zero or low VOC. This is especially true for buildings where people will spend long periods of time inside. VOCs contain chemicals that give off harmful fumes and can be found in both paint bases and colorants. Thankfully, with a Zero VOC colorant even after tinting the base, Benjamin Moore paint and Gennex colorant remain safe and effective for EPA and OSHA standards.

Some zero VOCs can possibly compromise the quality and depth of color, though as new advances are studied and utilized, some VOCs are performing better and better. Durability is one of the features previously though compromised with the zero VOCs. Within the last decade, the goal for many paint manufacturing companies is finding and using high-quality colorants that produce both environmental protection as well as superior durability.

With Gennex colorant, the application brings a superior hide factor along with durability to withstand heavy use. The technology behind these hi-tech paints also helps paint dry faster to allow minimal disruptions to your building’s everyday use.


Technology Meets Sustainability

Another reliable and quality brand that professional contractors rely on is Farrow & Ball. With a stellar reputation for craftsmanship with both paint and wallpaper, it is no surprise that they too lead the pack in advancements. Farrow & Ball’s water-based paints boast benefits to the environment in more ways than one. Not only is the paint formula eco-friendly, but the packaging is also recyclable. Since their paints are either low or zero VOC, the application process is safe in any building, including schools, nurseries, churches, and other indoor spaces that require the healthiest environment possible.

Farrow & Ball has only water-based paint, which is a great example of the technological advances in paint.
Photo from Farrow & Ball

There’s more. Farrow & Ball wallpaper is sourced from sustainable forests and manufactured in a responsible manner. In addition, their wallpaper is printed with their water-based paint and doesn’t contain vinyl which makes recycling leftovers possible, making this the green choice for professional paint and wallpapering contractors.

Interior Painting Projects

Indoor spaces that get heavy foot traffic and lots of light can show signs of wear and tear, such as smudge marks, fading, and more. Thankfully, advances in both paint and stain for wood can protect from your building looking worn and uncared for.

The technology of paint allows us to paint under a black light in a gym.

For indoor spaces like gyms, where the air quality needs to be clean and exceptional, zero VOC paints and colorants are a must. This gym in The Woodlands got a makeover with a high-quality finish.

Interior painting and staining by Streamline Paint & More
Exterior painting and staining by Streamline Paint & More

These photos are from The Chapel at Arrowhead Hill which had a full makeover with updates inside and out. Our high-quality stain for the wood as well as walls, beams, and exterior are shown at this venue.

Exterior Paint

Outdoor paints that use Gennex colorants can help your paint base stand up against harsh weather conditions, helping to retain the original paint color and reduce future fading over time. Professional contractors rely on Gennex colorants to perform consistently and enjoy working with its consistent viscosity as well. These high-quality paints retain their consistency and finish evenly with ease.

Regular maintenance is a key part of upkeep for your commercial building.

Regular maintenance via painting is essential to protect your building’s exterior. This client in particular has scheduled paintings yearly to keep their building’s protective paint coat functioning its best. Pictured here is one of our professional painters adding the final touches to this project.


Restaurant & Hotel Interiors

Restaurant owners and hotel property managers know that there is careful planning required when it comes to painting in the settings they manage. Planning a project that follows all guidelines and regulations for places where food handling takes place is of the highest priorities.

Fortunately, using high-quality paints that have this technological edge, these concerns are minimized. And with zero VOC paints that dry relatively quickly, professional painting contractors can do the needed repairs and painting more quickly than in previous years.

Machines & Equipment

Barsh Auto Service, a local business in Conroe, had its exterior and car lifts repainted. We used high-quality paints to add extra protection to machinery and equipment to increase its lifespan.

High quality paint adds extra protection to machinery and equipment to expand its lifespan.

If your commercial building or business hasn’t had a painting update in the last seven to ten years, you may be falling behind when it comes to technology and the many benefits new technologies bring to newer paint formulations. Finding a contractor that can provide high-quality equipment and paint supplies can give you the update that you need.

At Streamline Paint we only use the highest quality paints, brushes, and equipment. From start to finish our goal is to serve our customers well and meet every standard that they have for their buildings. Call or find us online for a free estimate and let us help you bring paint technology to your building.

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