The Best Interior Maintenance Projects for Your Houston Commercial Building

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Running any commercial building requires maintenance projects, most of which occur quite frequently. Just like we have regular check-ups on our vehicles, our buildings need regular inspections to know what areas may need attention. These projects can range from simple to complex, depending on your building’s function and needs.

There is quite a lot of information on the web about maintenance projects and strategies but the bottom line is – as long as you are taking preventative steps to keep your building up to code and a safe environment, you will ensure the health and safety of those who visit your building.

Building Maintenance Projects

What are the different types of maintenance?

Most interior projects fall under four main types of strategies for maintenance. They are corrective, preventative, risk-based, and condition-based maintenance practices. We will break these strategies down and describe a few projects that you may consider undertaking depending on your building’s needs.

What corrective maintenance projects can be done for my Houston building?

As the strategy suggests, corrective maintenance is carried out after the detection of an abnormality to your building’s interior. This approach weighs the costs sustained for building closure and further repairs, which would be required if an issue was left unattended, against the investment it would take to make the necessary repairs. In other words, the benefits outweigh the costs to prevent greater damage.

These types of maintenance projects are aimed at restoring your building to normal conditions for operation. Projects that would fall under corrective maintenance are the unexpected issues that need immediate attention for the safety and health of your building’s inhabitants.

Examples of these types of projects include responses to electrical or plumbing issues. Regardless of the project, these issues are unfortunately discovered after part of your building has a serious failure in operation. These types of projects often may require work inside walls to ensure proper insulation is in place or inspection for mold or other growth. These may be avoided with regular inspections and preventative maintenance.

Preventive Maintenance

What preventative maintenance projects can be done for my Houston building?

Any maintenance that is regularly carried out at scheduled intervals or at a prescribed criteria falls under preventative maintenance. These are typically projects that come with regular wear and tear of a building, based on its use.

Preventative maintenance projects reduce performance degradation and the risk of failure in your building. These are typically planned according to the material manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning, replacement, and avoiding operating faults. These include cleaning and repairing equipment and electrical systems throughout the building. They can also include servicing HVAC systems, elevators, fire sprinkler systems, and alarms to minimize damage in case of an emergency.

 What risk-based maintenance projects can be done for my Houston building?

Risk-based maintenance adds measurements, periodic testing, and analysis to preventative maintenance. The aim is to define an appropriate maintenance program based on the condition of equipment and the risks associated with its failure.

By doing so, you can focus on the areas that need attention and replace or repair equipment that is at risk of failure and extend the life of the operating system overall. Projects that fall under risk-based maintenance include areas or equipment that are used to protect human life or involving high-risk equipment.

What condition-based maintenance projects can be done for my Houston building?

Condition-based maintenance is focused on the ongoing monitoring of an asset and then taking corrective actions required to prevent an issue before failure occurs. This type of maintenance is only done when there are indicators of decreasing performance or irregularities.

Projects in this category reduce the long term maintenance costs significantly. Simultaneously, they minimize the frequency of serious failures of your building’s interior, which can optimize your building’s use. Examples include any part of your building that can be monitored remotely.

Which type of maintenance is the most expensive?

Due to the immediate nature of the projects, corrective maintenance projects typically are the most expensive. The unexpected need to make a repair quickly, which is caused by either an unknown source or seriously deteriorated problem, will have repairs that are both extensive and expensive. Thankfully, if building managers follow a standard plan and are able to do regular inspections and make necessary repairs, these should be relatively easy to avoid.


Best Commercial Interior Maintenance Projects

What is best for my building?

Each building has unique needs based on the activities and functions occurring within it, but we can focus on what may be appropriate for some of the important industries in Houston. For Healthcare, Biotech, or Manufacturing Companies, preventative maintenance projects do the most good.

Fortune 500 Companies are known for having some of the most pristine office buildings. Making it to the top is no easy feat and many have adopted a condition-based model for maintenance projects. This can be a cost-effective strategy, and it can often be done seamlessly.

Almost every Oil, Transportation, Hospitals, and Logistics building will need to follow risk-based maintenance projects. Meeting industry standards is imperative when it comes to delicate resources that need to be monitored, this simply is the most effective approach to project management. Specific areas of these types of buildings can use condition-based maintenance practices to assist in maintenance needs.

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