Spring Maintenance Checklist for Your Commercial Building

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In a day and age where first impressions mean everything, your commercial building is no different. For your clients and employees, keeping a building looking its best is not only good for business but is important for the safety and health of all those who occupy your space. 

Routine maintenance is important for both inside and outside your building. Like many Houstonian building managers, you’ve already taken care of your winter maintenance checklist for your building, and now it’s time to shift your focus to planning and caring for your building’s exterior. If you haven’t finished interior maintenance, there is still plenty of time to make these routine updates around your building. Here is our spring maintenance checklist for you to keep in mind as spring is well underway.

Interior Maintenance

  • Fire systems and extinguishers- Inspect and update extinguishers according to their tags. Schedule an extinguisher inspection and service before they expire to ensure that they are in proper working order. If your building has a fire alarm system contact your service provider to ensure they are in proper working order. For residential buildings, monthly testing and changing the batteries in smoke detectors every six months is recommended.
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  • Thermostats- This winter was unusually cold, and while your building’s thermostats may still be set to heat it won’t be long until your AC units will be working to keep you cool. A simple adjustment to your thermostat can help regulate your building. Double-check your programmed settings to ensure that your building is set for optimal comfort, keeping in mind that the clocks may need to be adjusted now that we are on Daylight Saving Time.
  • Crawl Spaces– Cold weather outside means critters look for space inside to stay warm. If your building has unused areas like attics, storage, or crawl spaces these are prime realty for our furry friends. Inspect these spaces for nests, droppings, and other indicators that may be signs of unwanted guests in your building. 

Exterior Maintenance

  • Irrigation systems- like thermostats, adjusting your automatic sprinkler systems to keep your lawn perfectly manicured is a great way to keep up appearances. A simple inspection can help keep your lawn properly watered all summer long, preventing runoff and keeping it green.
  • Landscaping– Updates to your outdoor areas can inspire the transformation your building needs. Springtime in Houston can be beautiful and many people enjoy outdoor areas that they can spend time in. By incorporating native plants around your building and seating areas, and adding canopy-style shading, you can transform your outdoor space into a place that is cooling and welcoming. 
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  • Exterior Inspection– Every building is just as unique as the people who frequent them. With the uneven heating and cooling of outdoor temperatures, weak points of your building may have been exposed to expansion and contraction of natural materials. Any cracks, mold, algae, or rust should be noted and attended to. 
  • Pressure washing– If spring cleaning had a best friend, its name would be pressure washing. While there is ample time throughout the year to pressure wash your building, spring is the best time for it. Specifically, cleaning the exterior surfaces of your building loosens up dirt and pollen. This reduces pollutants in the air making your building a cleaner air space. 
  • Gutters and Downspouts– Debris collects over time and can cause water to pool on roofs, causing damage. Cleaning these out reduces the risk of mold and algae growth on and around your building. 
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  • Painting– After pressure washing, if the paint is noticeably discolored, peeling, or cracked it is important to repaint your exterior. Paint is the greatest protective barrier between your building’s surfaces and the elements. Any weak point in this barrier opens your building up to being exposed to damage. In other words, a gallon of prevention (by regular touch-ups)  is worth a pound of cure via expensive repairs.

Over the last few decades, the professional contractors at Streamline Painting & More have been helping building owners and managers well beyond the average painting project. Our contractors are skilled to help with the upkeep and regular maintenance of your building. Our commitment to partnering with our clients in Houston, Conroe, Spring, and The Woodlands to make our communities safer with quality and promptness. Contact us for a free estimate and let us help you complete your spring maintenance checklist.

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