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Summer is well underway here in Houston and many commercial building owners have taken all the necessary steps to ensure their buildings are ready for summer. From exterior maintenance and upkeep to interior preparations, our buildings are making their summer debut. While preparing high foot traffic areas for summer is always an important piece to running a commercial building, there may be one major area that is often overlooked. 

Since your roof can be out of sight, out of mind, you may have omitted a roof inspection and cleaning as part of maintaining one of your most valuable assets. Inspection of your roof twice a year is recommended to ensure every inch of your roof is protected and functioning as it should. While roof cleaning may seem unnecessary, our experts at Streamline Painting have taken the time to explain why roofing treatment and care is so important.

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Building and Occupant Health

Humidity in Houston is both a blessing and a curse. While it brings the bayou to life with added greenery and wildlife, humidity also encourages algae and moss growth on surfaces where it is unwanted. Your building’s roof is no exception and with this added foliage, comes potential damage to your building. 

Once moss and algae are present on your roofing surfaces, moisture is easily contained in these spaces. Algae is commonly spotted on roofs by streaks of black on shingles, tiles, and even on flat roof surfaces. Moss is most commonly found in shaded areas of roofs. Both moss and algae retain moisture on surfaces which can cause mold and mildew to seep underneath your roof and into the air inside which can irritate those with allergies. 

While allergens are an area of concern, the structural integrity of your roof is also a major issue. If moisture is retained in your roof truss or decking, the surfaces underneath the exterior will be compromised and rot may begin to take hold. If these surfaces are not properly cared for, major repairs may become necessary. If you notice water spots or cracks on ceilings inside your building, contact a local roofer to help make these repairs before more serious concerns arise. This will protect your building and lend to the longevity and overall health of your building.

Cleaning your Houston Building's roof with Streamline Painting
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Tile and Shingle Roof Cleaning Tools and Solutions

The materials your building’s roof is composed of will dictate which types of tools are necessary for proper cleaning. Understanding the necessary steps to protect your roof while properly treating the surface is important to prevent damage during the cleaning process. While inspecting and cleaning your roof is a good and necessary step for routine maintenance, treatment should always be done by a professional. For your safety as well as quality assurance, hiring a professional contractor to treat your roof with the proper tools will be an investment in your building’s overall longevity.

Low-pressure cleaning tools can be used on certain roofs like asphalt shingles. Some refer to this method as soft washing, which is a procedure that can loosen dirt, moss, and algae with just water or a small amount of added cleaning solution. This solution can vary from a high-quality detergent or sodium hypochlorite, or a bleach solution, to thoroughly clean your roof. Water is often used, along with taking advantage of the sun’s rays, to break down growth on your roof. After this soft washing, problem areas are next addressed with specialized brushes and scrubbers to gently and effectively remove any remaining growth.

A note from the professionals: the material your roof is composed of comes with a manufacturer-recommended cleaning procedure. This is important to follow as most warranties on roofs will only remain valid if these methods of cleaning are followed. 

Commercial Roof Cleaning
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Built-up Roofing Membrane and Metal Roof Cleaning Tools and Solutions

Metal roofs and Built-up Roofing (or BUR) benefit from a similar cleaning process, however, they are susceptible to different types of growth. Professionals are experienced in the removal and treatment of these surfaces, as well as knowing if the growth is fungal, bacterial, or some other form of growth. 

Since BUR and metal roofs have a different installation process than shingles or tiles, they can be particularly difficult to clean. Determining what methods are best for these materials and the growth that may be on them is best handled by professionals. This will not only prevent future damage but restore the original quality of your roof. Some cleaning solutions for these types of surfaces can be acquired and handled only by professionals, not to mention their access to higher-quality products than over-the-counter products you may have available to you. 

The importance of protecting your roof from damage is imperative to your entire building’s overall health. At Streamline Painting, our licensed and certified professional painters can also service your commercial building’s roof. We apply our professional quality cleaning solutions to your roofing materials to help them last longer and look well maintained. 

We use specialized low pressure, high volume cleaning equipment, and special techniques to clear away grime without damaging your roofing. Additionally, our services cover a wide array of surfaces including your roof, sidewalks, and outdoor areas. For a free estimate and a consultation including an explanation of what Streamline Painting & More can do for your next building cleaning project, call us today.

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