Residential Painting, The Woodlands, TX: Mistakes to avoid

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Repainting your home, whether the interior or exterior, is a highly rewarding home improvement project

Repainting is inexpensive, remarkably transformative, and other than protecting and beautifying your home, it’s a sure way to add value to your, perhaps the largest investment so far.

If you’ve been around our blog for a while, we always recommend hiring a professional painting contractor when it comes to residential painting.

Pros have the skills, tools, and experience to produce high-quality and durable results.
However, if you have a relatively small painting project and would like to give the DIY painting a try in The Woodlands, TX, here are the mistakes you should look out for and avoid;

The right tone

Light influences color. So do not rush your choice in the store, rather take samples and apply them where the paint will be applied.
Be sure to observe samples at different times of the day and night and with the lights on and off.

Using Poor Quality Rollers or Brushes

It is tempting to buy entry-level rollers or brushes: they are not expensive, and you may only use them once.
But, the brushes or rollers on the lower end do not generally resist the chemicals that make up the paint: from the first use, the foam often shreds, the bristles detach and stick to the surface to be painted. Not a great start when looking for a seamless finish.

Not Stirring the Paint

Before each use, the paint should be stirred using a wooden stick.
Stir up to the bottom of the container, but gently to avoid creating air bubbles.

Painting When It’s Too Hot

The ambient temperature influences the adhesion of the paint: if it is too cold, it does not stick, and if it is too hot, it forms air bubbles or dries too quickly, forming streaks.
If the conditions are not ideal, you risk ruining your paint job.
Consider painting when the temperature is between at least 15 degrees and not more than 30 degrees.

Painting On a Poorly Prepared Support

When painting, it can be tempting to skip essential steps.
To get the best results, painting requires a smooth and clean surface.
On a new wall, you just need to dust it and then apply a suitable undercoat.
Is your wall in good condition and has already been painted?

No problem! Before starting, cleaning will be necessary and may be followed by sanding to promote the adhesion of your acrylic paint.
And on degraded walls, repair work will be required.
Sand your wall, scrape off the crumbling parts, and fill the cracks with plaster.

Surface preparation is probably the most demanding and time-consuming part of the painting process, but if you do it right, you can be assured of a flawless and durable paint job.

Painting On Wet surfaces

This is another common mistake that DIY and inexperienced painters make.
Painting in a wet or moist surface almost always leads to premature paint bubbling and peeling.

If you will be washing the surface to be painted, allow the wall to dry before applying the primer or paint completely.
Also, allow each coat of paint or primer to dry before applying the next layer of paint.

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