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If you are using a ladder to repaint your walls, change a burnt-out light bulb or put up new curtains, you might think this is a simple job, but it’s not.

However, misusing a ladder is a leading cause of injury to many people doing home improvement projects.

Safe use of a ladder is much more complicated than just going up the stairs, so be sure you know what you are doing before you get to the last step.

Several factors play a role in ladder-related accidents or injuries, including sudden movement, haste, inattention, age or physical condition of the user, and weather conditions.

Fortunately, we have developed recommendations for the owner to follow to avoid or minimize the likelihood of sustaining an injury while using a ladder.

Here Are the Safety Measures to Follow When Using a Ladder

All ladders, regardless of their height, have a maximum weight.
Keep in mind that you need to consider both height and weight in choosing the right ladder for the right job.
The maximum permitted weight includes the total weight on the scale, including that of the tools.
Remember this fact when choosing a type of ladder at your tool store.

If you are uncomfortable in any way, have symptoms of nausea, lightheadedness, or are likely to have vertigo episodes do not use a ladder.
Ask a friend or family member to assist you if it is an urgent job or wait until you are in better condition to using the ladder comfortably.
Be sure to wear non-slip shoes. Avoid shoes with leather soles or any type that does not allow you to have a firm grip on the steps.

How to Use a Stepladder to Avoid Injury?

When opening the stepladder for the first time, make sure that the metal hinges on each side, called spreader bars, are locked and straight.
Next, place the stepladder on the floor, making sure to place it on level ground.
Each side of the base of the stepladder should be stable on the floor.
To make sure this is the case, move the stepladder back and forth to check its stability. Don’t stand on the top step, as this will compromise your stability.
Also, do not line up the stepladder against the wall when trying to use it this way, as this method is an accident waiting to happen.

Be sure to establish which side is the front and which is the backside.
Only climb on the front side, avoiding the rear at all costs.
Also, only use the ladder for one person at a time, unless the stepladder has been designed specifically for two-person use.

When you are finally on the stepladder, position yourself facing forward, keeping your hips between the two vertical edges.
Leaning too far to the left or right can cause the stepladder to tip over, so make sure your weight is distributed correctly.

How to Use a Sliding Ladder

A sliding ladder is used to access high areas of your home, for jobs that require reaching the ceiling or accessing that high shelf that is difficult to dust.
However, now that you are perched at an unusual height, accidents are likely to happen if the proper safety measures are not taken.

To properly stretch the ladder, lay it on the floor horizontally, feet touching the exterior or interior wall’s edge.
When the ladder is almost vertical, grab it in the middle and move it away from the house or wall it is resting on.

When the ladder is extended, extend the telescopic section of the ladder to the selected height.
Following this step, check that the latches on each rung of the ladder are securely locked.
Next, to set your ladder at the correct angle, the rule of thumb is to use a 1: 4 ratio.
This means that you have to divide the height by four and then move the ladder base a distance corresponding to the number of feet obtained.
For example, if your ladder is 16 feet high, move the ladder 4 feet away from the wall.

If you don’t have the time, skill, or tools to safely use your ladder and complete the job flawlessly and efficiently, consider hiring a pro.

Hiring a professional painting contractor saves you time and money, as well as the stress and hassles that come with an exterior painting project.

If you need any professional help with your home exterior painting project in The Woodlands, TX, or Conroe, TX, our team at Streamline Painting & More can assist.

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