Residential Painting Conroe, Texas: Choosing the Right Paint Finish

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In choosing paint for residential painting in Conroe, Texas, many homeowners focus primarily on the paint color.

Paint color is extremely important – it determines whether your home will blend in, and the atmosphere and feel created.

However, paint finish is an equally critical factor that many homeowners in Conroe don’t consider.

The paint finish will affect the character of the space you want to create, the vibe you want to achieve and even the durability of your paint job.

In this article, we will discuss the different paint finishes, and how to choose one for your residential painting project in Conroe, Texas.

1. Matt / Deep Matt Emulsion

The matt and deep matt emulsions are suitable for most interior walls.
The fluid consistency of the mat finish is perfect for hiding wall imperfections.

The deep mat is even more velvety and gives a slightly chalky finish, ideal for contemporary styles.

Matt paints have the most color pigment and offer the best coverage, however, it’s difficult to clean them without taking off some paint.

2. Satin finish

The satin finish is brighter than the matt. It’s easily washable and suitable for highly stressed rooms such as kitchens and entryways.

Be careful though: this finish will not hide imperfections on your wall.
Your surface must be smooth before applying it.
It can also highlight traditional architectural details, such as cornices and plinths.

The satin finish is more durable than matt, but it reveals brush strokes and roller marks if not well applied.

4. Water-Based Paint with Eggshell Finish

This low-gloss paint is not only tough but also waterproof, making it the ideal option for kitchens, bathrooms, and woodwork.

Thanks to its robustness, Eggshell finish is suitable for surfaces that are often subjected to regular wear and tear such as window frames and windowsills.

It’s slightly less shiny than the satin paint, with a texture that resembles a chicken’s eggshell.

Considering its medium durability, this finish is best suited for living rooms and dining rooms.

5. Semi-Gloss

The semi-gloss paint finish is highly reflective.
It also is highly durable and can withstand multiple cleanings without color fading or damaging.

This paint finish was traditionally used on moldings, baseboards, and doors.
It has found practical applications in bathrooms, kitchens, chair rails and trims.

However, not that semi-gloss finishes highlight surface imperfections.

6. High-Gloss

High-gloss paint has the highest sheen, light-reflecting, and the easiest to clean.
It can withstand multiple cleanings without fading or damaging.

Being the toughest sheen, high-gloss is the best choice for areas that receive high-traffic or prone to sticky fingers touch–think of the trim, doors, and cabinets.

However, high-gloss may be too much shine when used on interior walls.
Also, like the semi-gloss finish, it shows surface imperfections and roller/brush marks.

How to Choose the Right Sheen

If you’re painting in rich and dark colors, try to avoid super shiny sheens.
Step down one or two levels–this is because the richer and darker the color is, the shinier it will appear.

Also, if you’re painting a wall with some surface imperfections, higher sheens will show more defects.

If you’re using high-sheen paint, don’t skimp on the surface prep work.

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