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As we settle into the routine of fall, we’re seeing an uptick in building use as many people return to the office. While some building managers work to get their buildings up and running, many have chosen to update their office space with a fresh coat of paint. 

Painting a building is not as easy as it might sound. It takes careful planning and preparation to make sure that the project goes smoothly and without incident. Before painting can start, knowing how to prepare your office for the project, and what you need to do when the work is complete will impact the longevity of your painting project.

Plan your paint job

Before Painting Begins

As with any major update involving other parties, communication is key to the entire project. Sending memos out as well as posting signs with information indicating when the building will be worked on can help those in your office prepare for the project. 

Sharing information about the process will allow people, who may be sensitive to the fumes from paint, to take the necessary precautions to protect themselves. If your business has flexible hours or the option to work from home, scheduling your painting project while your building is mostly empty may help avoid disruptions. 

Knowing which paint colors you’d like to incorporate into your office space is important before painting begins. As you think about what your options are, consider colors that will boost productivity, enhance creativity, improve focus, energize, and welcome your team to the space. Color choice can be difficult, so choose a contractor that has access to the latest color trends and offers a color consultation to help you see what will look great for your space.

Repairs and getting ready to paint are the final steps to preparing for your project. Professional contractors are equipped and prepared to take every precaution to ensure that your surfaces that aren’t being painted are protected. This includes all furniture, fixtures, appliances, and any other item you need to protect. Cleaning surfaces and making any repairs to ensure quality work is the final step in preparing your office; then the fun begins!

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During the Painting Project

As with any project, quality workmanship takes time. With painting, it is imperative that the paint has an adequate environment in which to dry properly. The main factors that play into this are time, temperature, and humidity. With interior painting projects, regulating the temperature and humidity are relatively simple. Time however is a key factor in ensuring a proper cure. Giving your surfaces adequate time to dry is important both for your surfaces and the people inside your building.

As the paint dries, it releases fumes in the process that you may know as that “fresh paint” smell. These fumes are known as volatile organic compounds or VOCs. While there are low or zero VOC paints available, some level of the compound may be necessary for transferring paint from the can to your surfaces. With proper air circulation and time, these will dissipate into the air and will be of no concern.

After Painting

After the Painting Project

Once your surfaces have dried properly, putting your office back together and cleaning up after the project are the next steps. Professional painters will work to ensure that everything is tidy and put in its place before leaving a worksite. This service should be expected and executed with ease. The only things left behind should be beautifully painted surfaces and unused paint cans for you to have for touchups.

Speaking of touchups, upkeep, and painting, as your building is used by its inhabitants and visitors, can be done by your professional painter to ensure your satisfaction. Regular cleaning of these surfaces can reduce the amount of buildup, scuffs, and markings from everyday use. Typically speaking, most office building interiors are repainted every two to three years. Depending on what your office is used for and your care for your surfaces in between painting, you may be able to wait a longer period of time in between major paint projects.

There you have it. As with any project, preparation is key to success. As the catalyst for your project, scheduling a free estimate is the first step to beginning any project. At Streamline Painting, we take pride in our work from start to finish to make sure your project is exactly what you expect. We are known in Houston, the Woodlands, Conroe, and Spring areas for our quality work and high level of customer satisfaction. Contact us today and let our team transform your office this year.

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