Power Washing: What to Expect from Professional Washers for Your Houston Building

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As the weather gets warmer, businesses move closer to back to normal, Houstonians are eager to get out and enjoy our city. Now more than ever, preparing your building’s storefront to attract existing clients and new customers is of the utmost importance. One of the quickest and most cost-efficient ways to prepare your building is by power washing its exterior.

Most commercial building owners and operators understand the benefits of power washing their buildings, but some are unsure of what the process entails. The experts at Streamline Painting break down the process of hiring a professional washer for your building to help guide you through the process.

Power Washing: What to Expect from Professional Washers for Your Houston Building

Quality and Care

Finding a reliable company that will care for your surfaces as well as thoroughly clean them is crucial for maintaining your building. The most effective way to ensure you hire and work with a quality company is to check what others are saying about their work. Read all available reviews, both positive and negative, about a company to try to understand their strengths and weaknesses. Note the recommendations as well as the criticisms. Reviews through word-of-mouth and search engines, like Google or Yelp, can be very effective in finding feedback about professional companies you’re considering hiring. 


The cost of services often steers a project, especially when it comes to maintenance for your building. Contacting professional washers in your area and comparing quotes can save you money in the long run without compromising quality and care for your building.

Knowledge of Equipment

The benefit of hiring a professional to power wash your building is the knowledge and expertise they bring to your project. While some building managers may choose to rent equipment and clean their own building, some may lack the experience necessary and run the risk of damaging surfaces. 

Professionals have access to commercial equipment and experience in using their tools. This minimizes the risk of accidental damage to your surfaces. Additionally, the professional equipment typically only uses pressurized water which is strong enough on its own to thoroughly clean surfaces. This prevents any environmental harm that could be caused by chemical cleaners used in products.

Power Washing: What to Expect from Professional Washers for Your Houston Building

Knowledge of Surface

There are many different building surfaces and understanding how each surface will respond to the pressure washing strength is an important part of completing a power washing project. Using the proper equipment on your surfaces is important to proper maintenance. Utilizing the correct nozzles and other equipment is necessary to ensure that surfaces are cleaned well without causing damage. 

Different surfaces require treatments that will add a protective barrier. Professionals may recommend additives to coat and protect your outdoor spaces to improve your surfaces and give them a longer lifespan. While a good-looking building is the main driver for cleaning your exterior, protection from the elements for the longevity of your building is the long-term goal.

Knowledge of Timing

Houston truly is one of the greatest cities to live in. If the natural beauty and diversity aren’t enough to enjoy our city, the ability to pressure wash your building almost any time of the year certainly is. While professional contractors will do their absolute best to schedule you in a timeframe that works best for your needs, the windows of opportunity to clean your surfaces are wide. Typically speaking, pressure washing treatments are done in the spring months but can also be scheduled in the fall. 

One important limitation professionals look for is temperature. If the wind chill coupled with the daily low gets too cold, the water can freeze on surfaces if it does not dry out at the end of the day. This can lead to damage and is always considered when starting a power washing project.

Power Washing: What to Expect from Professional Washers for Your Houston Building

Benefits of Power Washing

Protected surfaces and cleaned areas are just the beginning of your building’s overall health. The process of cleaning your surfaces can uncover parts of your exterior that may need repairs. Once buildup and grime are cleaned off your building, an inspection can be properly conducted to ensure your building doesn’t need repairs.

Painting may not be on your mind this Spring, but during the process of power washing, your professional contractor may uncover areas that could use the extra layer of protection paint can provide. A freshly cleaned surface provides the perfect opportunity to have your exterior painted. With a clean and freshly painted exterior, your building will have improved curb appeal and will be ready for the foot traffic you’re hoping to attract.

Streamline Paint & More utilizes specialized low-pressure and high-pressure surface cleaning techniques. Both are needed to remove build-up without damaging exterior surfaces. Maintaining your roof, sidewalks, siding, and other outdoor areas is easily attainable with the help of professionals. Call us to set up a free estimate and get a detailed explanation of what we can bring to your next project.

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