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Some may say we are biased, but in our opinion, Houston has some of the most incredible buildings, structures, and skylines. From design to architecture, Houston’s buildings are well thought out, smartly planned, and really show off all that our city has to offer. From the downtown skyline to the strip malls to everything in between, it’s no wonder that the buildings are just as unique as the people that live and work in the businesses in our city. 

The many options for your building’s interior and exterior are just as extensive as our diverse culture, however, we have a few ideas on what may be a good fit for your design to help narrow down the choices. A side note about color trends – on the residential side, we’ve all seen the color of the year and color palettes introduced annually for home exteriors and interiors; on the commercial side, new colors and trends are less the focus. Generally, with the commercial painting of your building’s exterior or interior, the focus is on choosing the best colors for your building type, industry, location, and other factors, and less about the latest trends.

There are exceptions, of course. Take for example an interior design business or a new tech building. A commercial building for interior designers would want its look and feel to reflect the companies’ ability to know what is on-trend, and so color selection and painting both the interior and the exterior of such a building would focus on using colors that are on-trend.

If a company is a tech startup, they may be interested less in what the latest, trendiest colors are, but more in colors that feel good and make the workers feel relaxed and upbeat. Many tech buildings utilize bright, silvery grays, blues, greens, and yellows. 

The interior design company and the tech startup office space are two examples of paint color selection based on industry. As we know, there are a number of factors to consider when selecting your building’s paint colors. Below is a breakdown of colors you may want to consider depending on your building’s architectural type. These color palettes bring about vitality and freshness that your building may need to transform your space.

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Art Deco

From City Hall to diners to even some shopping centers, elements of art deco are found throughout our metropolis. The long lines and symmetry found on these buildings, not to mention the classic aesthetic of their signs make buildings like these standout. It’s no wonder that building owners have maximized their potential by playing up this architectural style. 


For these types of buildings, bold jewel tones can accentuate these features. For interiors, a classic look that stands the test of time is desired. Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year Naval SW6244 does just that. Examples of a monochromatic look play up the new approach to this 1920’s style. Office spaces with this interior update along with gold accents bring about a calm and grounded atmosphere while making a bold statement. 


As an exterior option, pair Navel with a gray or white to create long crisp lines that complement the Art Deco feel around Houston. By making these long lines stand out, the eye is drawn to features that are unique, making your building more attractive to potential clients and customers.

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While sleek is in, many building and business owners are taking a less traditional route to the modern architecture style. Moving away from the cooler neutrals and bringing on some bolder options, Modern does not need to mean mundane. 


Modern interiors desire a warmer feel with the neutrals that surround those indoors. A fresh coat of Malabar from Sherwin-Williams for beige lovers can bring a depth to any neutral backdrop. If gray is more of your preference, Homburg Gray also from Sherwin Williams can add a richness to your modern aesthetic. These neutral yet bold backdrops lend creativity to building owners when it comes to adding furniture, desks, and other interior pieces to tie spaces together.


While muted colors indoors complement the modern take on buildings, exteriors can play with colors for an attractive effect. El Caramelo from Sherwin Williams has a subtle richness to it that rejuvenates buildings. Some modern buildings are getting updates to entryways by adding color to their doors. For this approach, we suggest Auric from Sherwin Williams. The bold yellow added to trim and doors can accent the rest of your building beautifully. 

For any outdoor wood that adds to the modern look of your building, finding a stain that complements your color palette is key to completing the look. A stain that draws out the natural colors in your exterior paint can add dimension to your building and increase its attractiveness. 

Your building's architectural style can influence your exterior color choice.


Houston is no stranger to the green initiative. That’s why many building owners who are conscientious of the environment have been choosing colors that help mother nature inside and out. 


Since sun exposure is something we cannot avoid, many opt for white shades on their building’s exterior. Heat absorption happens less with lighter colors, so shades such as Evening White and Atrium White from Benjamin Moore are great options. Less heat absorption means less energy and lower costs.


While whites create beautiful outdoor backdrops, bringing natural colors inside can bring the harmonious colors of our bayou indoors. Consider Louisburg Green or Audubon Russet from Benjamin Moore as inspiration for your painting project. Adding color inside along with using low or zero VOC’s paints are not only better for general health, but they are also less harmful to the environment during and after production. 

Finding the perfect color for your building’s architectural style can be tricky, especially since each building in Houston is as unique as the people that live here. Thankfully there are many expert painting professionals who have a keen eye for color. Not only do painting contractors have access to the latest color trends, they also can back up their suggestions with quality and precision to bring rejuvenation back to your building.

Finding the right painting contractor can be hard, thankfully with Streamline Painting & More, you always can count on quality service that exceeds expectations. Our Top-Rated Local Painting Service guarantees that every customer is completely satisfied with their painting project.  Contact our commercial painting professionals today and get ready for your building transformation today.

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