Painting Your Commercial Building for Increased Safety

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Commercial buildings of all types, especially warehouses, are busy environments containing potential hazards. However, prudent, preventative measures can ensure a safer environment for the protection of your employees, inventory, and visitors. A safe and efficient workspace not only safeguards your business and human resources but also promotes productivity and efficiency.

Proper commercial painting is an essential part of building and warehouse upkeep and contributes to overall safety. Streamline Painting & More’s team of experienced painters share their expertise to increase safety with commercial painting. Improving lighting and clearly designating hazardous areas are among the ways you can improve your warehouse.

Warehouse painting

How Commercial Painting Improves Building Health

Warehouse Ceiling Paint

Warehouse ceiling paint acts as a seal, protecting the interior of the warehouse from environmental damages and ensuring structural preservation through regular inspection and ceiling maintenance. An unmaintained ceiling can lead to damages from mildew and mold, which leaves those working in the warehouse susceptible to health hazards.

In addition, warehouses don’t typically contain many windows, contributing to insufficient lighting. A painted ceiling better reflects light, enhancing the electrical lighting throughout the facility and increasing safety and efficiency.

Warehouse Floor Markings

Warehouse floor markings are essential safety measures used to alert people to potential hazards, direct traffic flow, and mark safe paths for pedestrian traffic.

Pedestrian Walkway Lines and Aisles

Painting the floor with pedestrian walkway lines and aisles improves safety by separating pedestrian and heavy equipment traffic. Designating separate areas for machinery, such as forklifts and pallet jacks, prevents collisions between pedestrians and moving equipment.

Clearly Marked Traffic Flow Areas

If your warehouse utilizes large equipment, painted safety lines will aid in directing traffic flow and help your employees operate equipment safely and efficiently. Maintaining pedestrian-only areas also allows for uninhibited foot traffic and greater efficiency as employees move about the warehouse.  

Employee-Only Areas

Painted employee-only markings clearly delineate the separation between employee and client spaces, which safeguards customers from hazardous materials and equipment.

Exit Routes

Marking exit routes ensures clients and employees, especially new ones, can quickly locate an emergency exit in case of an emergency or mandatory evacuation.

Warehouse Floor Paint

Slip hazards remain one of the most common causes of employee injury. Utilizing non-slip floor paint ensures increased safety for both pedestrians and employees who utilize heavy equipment.

Heavy Machinery in a warehouse

Building Maintenance 

Regular building maintenance, including inspection, maintenance, and painting can prevent paint scratches or cracks from growing and peeling further. Sound exterior warehouse paint is crucial because damaged surfaces are vulnerable to pest infestation and mildew accumulation. Peeling paint can also leave your warehouse exposed to weather, which can cause future structural problems.

Finally, maintaining a high-quality warehouse paint job communicates to your employees that you care about their safety and well-being, which fosters increased productivity and worker satisfaction.

Exterior warehouse painting

Benefits of Repainting Your Warehouse  

If you are ready to upgrade the safety features of your commercial building, interior or exterior warehouse painting provides many benefits.

  • Proper floor paint prevents common slip-and-fall workplace injuries.
  • Repainting with non-toxic paint is essential for the safety of those working within the warehouse; exposure to lead paint can lead can cause poisoning and other serious health issues, such as hypertension and memory loss.
  • Repairing and painting warehouse walls can help keep employees and stored goods healthy, clean, and safe, and hence, increase productivity.
  • Regular maintenance makes sustaining a clean and safe warehouse much more manageable.
  • Proper building markings ensure that your facility is compliant with OSHA safety standards.

You can make maintaining your commercial building, specifically your warehouse a team effort with Streamline Painting and More. Trust, experience, and craftsmanship set us apart as exceptional commercial painters. Excellent customer service is our top priority, ensuring excellence from start to finish for your building’s exterior and interior painting.

While the initial investment for commercial painting may seem high, warehouse safety paint pays for itself with increased productivity and safety of your employees. We understand that staying within your budget is important, so our painting services include:

  • A selection of personalized painting options
  • A variety of payment plan options
  • Labor, materials, and a warranty
  • A competitive, locked-in price estimate–we never raise your estimated price!

Streamline Painting & More can help you with all your Houston-area commercial painting needs, whether to increase your building’s safety, aesthetic appearance, or both. We are located in Conroe and service Montgomery County, Harris County, and surrounding areas!

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