Painting Projects to Get Your Commercial Building Ready for Fall and Winter

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In order to keep your commercial building looking its best for the fall and winter months, it’s important to schedule routine painting projects. Painting helps maintain a building’s appearance, as well as protect it from damage due to weather conditions. 

If you’re a building manager, owner, or operator and are looking for ways to prepare your commercial building for the coming fall and winter months, now is the time to start thinking about maintaining a regular schedule for repairs, upkeep, and painting. Routine building care can help reduce energy costs and make your property more attractive. Here are some of the projects you may consider doing this fall and winter.

Interior Touch-ups

As with most projects, interior painting is typically scheduled for the fall and winter months when exterior projects aren’t feasible. As routine maintenance, regular cleaning and touch-ups are crucial to keeping the quality of your interior in tip-top condition. 

Cleaning interior surfaces is always the first step for interior work. Repairs, such as removing scuffs made from chairs or fixing dents from doors are next in updating your interior. While these may seem like small details, the care you demonstrate in the small things will improve the overall aesthetic of your building. 

Window Painting

Window Painting

Maintenance of your windows is both a simple and effective way to care for your building’s exterior. Windows and the areas around them are easy targets for moisture to accumulate, enter in, and cause damage to your building’s structure. By regularly checking your windows, professionals can spot the early signs of water damage. 

Regular window maintenance provides an opportunity for property owners and managers to assess any potential repairs that may be needed, such as caulking or window replacement. Check with your painting contractor as to which caulk is best for your exterior paint to improve your building’s protection before starting any trim work.

Exterior touch ups

Exterior Touch-ups

Once any window work is completed, the rest of your exterior painting projects can commence. Depending on the building materials used on your building’s exterior, your surfaces should be repainted at least every ten years to ensure full protection. To keep your building cool and cut down on utility bills, many commercial building owners choose colors that reflect heat. Any updates made during those 10-year intervals are important to prevent fading, water damage, peeling, or cracking paint. With all the sun exposure our buildings get can make it even more important that you schedule yearly updates to exteriors. 

While these updates and touch-ups do not take long, scheduling an estimate two to six weeks before a painting project begins is standard in order to make updates in time for the colder months ahead. Cleaning services offered by professional painting companies will include pressure washing the siding and the walkways to keep exterior areas looking new.

Clean roof and gutter

Roof and Gutter Cleaning

While spring cleaning is typically seen as the best time to schedule this building maintenance, pre-cleaning can reduce the risk of water damage during the winter months. Signs that your roof or gutters need attention are rust spots, slow running downspouts, and streaks or stains from mold or algae growth. 

Commercial roof and gutter cleaning is a vital part of maintaining the appearance, safety, and functionality of your building. Professional painting companies offer cleaning services that include roof cleaning and repair. Using specialized low-pressure, high-volume cleaning equipment, professional quality cleaning can be achieved with care and consideration of your surfaces. Regular maintenance will help to avoid costly repairs, minimize future damage, and prolong the life of your roof. 

At Streamline Painting, our goal is to help you update and maintain your commercial property as best as possible. We help each of our clients create a maintenance plan that works for them. We provide exceptional services to ensure your building is maintained with the utmost care and quality possible. We serve Houston, the Woodlands, Spring, and Conroe communities with our locally-owned and operated services.

The benefits of routine building maintenance are numerous, providing you with a lasting investment. Regularly maintaining and painting your building is the least-cost, best proactive way to ensure it stays in the best condition. If you’re interested in getting your commercial buildings ready for this upcoming season contact us for your free estimate.

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