Paint Color Ideas for Painting Your Baby Boy’s Room

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Whether it’s your first, second, or even third child, decorating a nursery is always a beautiful moment.
It is in your best interest to think carefully and choose a color that you like because it is a place where you and your future child will spend a lot of time.

To help you make a choice, here are our most beautiful color ideas for successful bedroom decor for your baby boy.

Marine/Navy Blue

Marine is a color that we see less often than (very classic) gray.
Just as pretty, it allows you to match wood and neutral tones like white and even black.
Yep, the days when navy blue couldn’t be paired with black are over.
It’s all a matter of coordination.
To match black and navy blue, prioritize a shade closer to blue.
To soften the hue, you can also add some pale blue for monochromatic decor.
Since navy blue is a fairly dark shade, paint only one wall to avoid overwhelming the room.

Gray Blue

Do your eyes have trouble identifying this pretty shade?
It’s not totally gray; it’s not totally blue either.
It is undoubtedly the gray-blue.
Gray-blue is very well fitted in nursery decor. It’s versatile, similar to gray, but gives your room a little more sparkle.
It’s an ideal color to pair with yellow. Gray-blue is a shade reminiscent of vintage style. Try adding old-fashioned accessories to the decor like a lamp or restoring old furniture.

Greyish Green

Long considered a bland color, greyish-green can be, on the contrary, a very lively color.
Of course, you will have to add other colors to punctuate the decoration.
Yellow accessories and taupe will give it a whole new look and a lot of sparkle.

Mint green

Compared to greyish-green, mint green is much paler and contains blue.
It’s soft and luminous color, which may soothe baby’s crying… or not.
With gray to cut the pastel effect, mint green has everything to brighten up a small room.
Of course, mint green is a great complement to white and will make your hardwood floors stand out.

Powder Blue

If you think powder blue is a cliché and outdated color, you might be wrong.
Pale blue gives a soft and calm effect to a baby boy’s room decoration.
The shade rhymes with other pale colors and especially with white.
To avoid the kitsch effect, add natural fiber accessories.
The wicker baskets, wooden furniture, and plants will bring out the color wonderfully.

Bonus: Paint an Original Mural

Do you want originality? We probably already told you about it somewhere on this blog, the murals and shapes are beautiful in children’s rooms.
Because there is a multitude of options, we suggest you think carefully before embarking on the project.
Consider that the paint will stay on the walls for several years.
Also, allow some time and patience to make your project a success.
This year, plants and nature are everywhere.
You can consider decorating cactus, tree, or a mountain mural.

In closing, here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing the decor for your baby boy’s room:

• Color is there for many years, not just the first year of your child’s life. Think of a decoration that will last the years.
• Use the right paint finish to make sure the walls will wash off easily when needed.
• Choose durable decorative items.

If you need professional help to choose colors and to paint your home’s interior in the Woodlands, Texas, or Conroe, Texas, our crew can help.

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