Paint Brand Recommendations for Commercial Buildings in Houston

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As with any painting project, it is best to use proper tools and materials to transform your commercial building. Choosing the right type of paint for the outside of your building is an important factor in the success of your exterior painting project. With seemingly endless options of brands, colors, finishes, and lines on the market, choosing the perfect option isn’t easy without an understanding of the benefits derived from ingredients used by different paint manufacturers. 

Relying on professionals who have taken the time to learn the craft of painting will provide you a better understanding of the best paint brands for your painting project. Our experts at Streamline Painting have researched, tried, and explored options and have found the best brands for your exterior surfaces. Here are our comprehensive recommendations for exterior paints for commercial buildings based on the building materials used to construct your building’s exterior.

commercial building with cement siding painted by streamline painting conroe texas

Brick or Cement Siding

Masonry siding, like brick or cement, does not require frequent painting and is a great low-maintenance material for commercial buildings. However, improperly treated and prepared surfaces can be mold and mildew magnets if moisture gets trapped. For brick or cement surfaces that abut wood or siding, it’s important to keep those surfaces clean with an annual power wash. 

Some building owners may decide to paint their building’s brick or cement exterior so it stands out from other buildings or for other esthetic purposes. If you’ve decided that your brick or cement building is going to be painted, it’s essential to use paints formulated for those surfaces and for weather conditions specific to your building’s location. 

Finding a masonry paint that has a high UV-resistant finish is beneficial for your Houston, Conroe area building. To prevent paint from fading or looking chalky on these surfaces, a latex-based paint like Sherwin-Williams Duration® Exterior Latex line is ideal. For brick surfaces, a lime-wash that is breathable and that is UV-resistant will elevate the look of your brick while providing the protection you desire.

building with wood siding painted by Streamline paint conroe texas


Wood is a fickle building material that is affected both by temperature and humidity. Since wood can swell with heat and added moisture in the air, as well as contract with the cold or lost moisture, it needs a protective barrier that can do the same. Additionally, wood is susceptible to mold, mildew, and algae growth since it is a natural material. Wood must be prepared for any paint or stain you select, for best product adherence and so it protects the surfaces of your building’s exterior.

The most important factor in recommending a paint for wood is that it can retain some flexibility in its finish. For wood, it’s best to use a paint that is flexible enough to resist cracking and peeling, while providing a mold-resistant surface. Valspar Duramax® Satin Exterior Tintable Paint is a great choice for this purpose. 

Commercial siding painted by Streamline paint conroe texas


Durable, long-lasting siding like vinyl is ideal for small businesses. It is composed of PVC resin, which means it doesn’t expand and contract like wood, but remains flexible and easy to maintain. The coloring in vinyl does fade over time from UV exposure and painting is a relatively inexpensive option to rejuvenate your building’s vinyl exterior.  

Choosing hues that will update your exterior space without compromising your siding is the key to painting vinyl. Benjamin Moore® has created a unique line of Colors for Vinyl palette. These can help transform and update your exterior and help make your business look its best. 

Cement Siding painted with recommended paint brands by Streamline Painting in Conroe Texas


Stucco is a unique surface in that it is porous, allowing moisture to permeate into the surface and dry out without causing damage. Stucco can come colored with pigments mixed in the topcoat, but if you want to change the color of your building’s stucco exterior, there are options. While some do not recommend painting stucco as it can trap moisture, there are paints specifically designed for stucco.

Professionals recommend a flat sheen and a breathable finish to match your stucco. A paint that has a high permeability rating for stucco finishes (a ‘perm rating’ measures permeability or breathability; the higher the more permeable), is the key to choosing the right paint. A perm rating of 10 or higher is considered a breathable coating that will bond well to your surfaces. 

Types of paint used for stucco should be either acrylic, masonry, or elastomeric. For your exterior building stucco surfaces, we recommend either Duration® Exterior Coating or SuperPaint® Exterior Latex Paint by Sherwin-Williams. If you need to hide cracks or make repairs before your stucco is painted, we often use Sherwin-Williams ConSeal Smooth & Textured Elastomeric Patches or ConSeal Elastomeric Sealant.

While every professional painter has their preference for paint and provides you with their recommendations, you’ll ultimately make the final choice of the best exterior paint for your building. Understanding the best paints for your commercial building’s surface will help you when working with your painting contractor and together, you can determine your best paint selection.

Streamline Painting & More is a commercial painting and restoration company. For over 25 years, we have served the Houston, Woodlands, Spring, and Conroe areas. 

Our team uses the highest quality products and equipment to ensure that every project we complete is done to the highest standards. Our services include providing an estimator and project manager for every project, no matter the size. Business owners, property managers, and facilities directors rely on us to provide the most comprehensive estimate and delivery timelines. Call or request a free estimate online to schedule your next exterior project.

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