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As a building manager, it is your responsibility to maintain a safe environment for the occupants of your building. One of the most important aspects of this task is making sure that you have taken all precautions necessary when it comes to floor safety markings. 

OSHA, the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration, has specific Guides for Floor Markings which are created as a resource to help building owners and operators keep their buildings safe. The guidelines provide information on what markings should be used in high traffic areas, when to remove floor markings, how to mark the floors in a newly constructed building, and more. 

As an owner or operator of a building, it’s important to know how to best comply with OSHA’s guidelines so that your employees and inhabitants remain safe while on your property. This blog post will outline some key points about what types of floor markings you may need to be aware of as well as how Streamline Painting can assist in making these necessary updates.

Industrial Safety

If you’re a building manager, owner, or operator of an industrial workplace in the US, it’s important that your facility is up to code. One way to ensure this is by complying with OSHA regulations and following their guidelines for marking industrial workplaces.

OSHA requires floor markings that communicate specific meanings based on color and placement. These are to help people understand the risk factors in each area as well as minimizing accidents in these areas. Depending on what type of industrial workspace you operate, floor markings can show aisles, passageways, flow areas, and emergency exit guides. In addition to these specific markings, there are also general safety warnings for machinery, electrical equipment, and other dangers common in industrial settings.

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Healthcare Safety

Healthcare buildings have implemented floor markings to increase efficiency standards, organization, and improve the quality of care. Doctor’s offices, hospitals, and the like utilize floor markings to meet high standards for safety which are always important for healthcare buildings.

Nowadays, there are many different types of floor marking methods available on the market including paint, tape, adhesive strips, and more. However, most experts agree that paint is the best option because of its durability over time as well as ease of application.

Schools and Public Building Safety

Schools and Public Buildings should always be safe places. In order to ensure that everyone inside has an opportunity at being safe from hazards, make sure that there are adequate floor safety markings in place. 

These markings help you quickly identify what type of hazard may be present in rooms or hallways so that you can look out for your student’s best interests. Examples of these can be found in stairwells, ramps, fire exits, and social distancing markings. Floor painting such as stair and egress markings ensure adequate public building floor safety that are both durable and efficient.

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Outdoor Areas

Outdoor areas such as sidewalks, loading docks, and parking lots can be difficult to navigate without clear markings. Loading and unloading zones, parking spaces, and special assistant areas outdoors are key features that need regular updates to ensure markings are visible and understandable. While there are standard widths for curb ramps and walkways, specific color markings for these areas are important for safety reasons. 

Directional arrows, as well as ADA-compliant signs for ease of accessibility, are important safety features that ensure compliance. Guidelines for these types of outdoor safety features are set by various government agencies like OSHA for safety reasons, but it’s important that all stakeholders understand their rights and responsibilities when it comes to these regulations. Using high-grade industrial quality paint for these areas is best applied by professional painters who understand the guidelines and proper application techniques.

Safety floor markings are one of the most common safety solutions that can be found in hospitals, schools, and public buildings. They’re also used to mark off outdoor areas like construction sites. When it comes to making sure your facility is compliant with OSHA standards, Streamline Painting professionals know what they’re doing, and we have the credentials regarding our knowledge and expertise. 

We specialize in industrial painting projects for commercial or residential spaces, but our team members offer more than just painting… we provide a full range of services to help you keep your building in compliance. If you need help designing an effective system for keeping people safe at work or school, contact us today!

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