Maintaining Your Commercial Interior Painting Project

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Commercial interior painting projects are an investment of time and money. A professional, high-quality paint job will help your building maintain its value and can improve the safety of your building’s inhabitants. The National Paint Professionals Association says you can look at a building’s paint finish and you’ll know what level of care has been taken. In fact, many of your building’s occupants will know how they are going to be cared for based on how well your building is maintained.

The importance of upkeep of the building you own or manage cannot be overstated. Buildings that are well-maintained are likely to have fewer major problems. Maintaining your building’s painted surfaces should be part of your overall building maintenance plan. Learn key actions that’ll help you maintain your building’s painted surfaces so it looks great for years to come.

keep walls clean

Keep Your Walls Clean

Preventing the buildup of unwanted substances on your walls can help your building look and stay well cared for. Depending on your business, whether it’s a factory, a restaurant, or a lodge with fireplaces, for example, the walls may be covered with foreign particles, such as grease, by-products of the manufacturing process, or soot. 

Any of these foreign particles can wreak havoc on the painted surface. Regular dusting and cleaning with soap can prevent damage, fading, and peeling. A microfiber cloth or vacuum with a soft brush attachment are great tools for this job. Once your surfaces are free of dust, cleaning them is the next step in your routine maintenance care.

Wall paint is a tough, durable substance that can withstand harsh cleaning solutions. However, you should test the surface of any cleaner on an inconspicuous area before applying it over your entire space to make sure no damage will be done. Then, using a soft sponge, gently wipe away any grime or build-up. Depending on your building, you may be required to repeat this process in high-traffic or high-use areas such as restaurant kitchens or hospital rooms.

upkeep is an important part of building maintenance

Make Repairs Quickly

When you first schedule a professional contractor for a painting project, they make all necessary repairs so your surfaces will remain protected and strengthened. When your painted surfaces are in their best shape, slight touch-ups or repairs will be all that is needed. This careful maintenance not only saves you money on a new paint job (you can prolong the time between major painting projects), but it also keeps the life of your current coat of paint from being compromised. 

Most contractors leave extra paint after painting your building. You can use the touchup paint to make spot paint fixes, whether it’s to cover a non-removable scuff mark or other blemishes on the painted surface. 

If your contractor offered a warranty (reputable painters do offer some type of warranty) and you find any damage, contact them immediately and they will make the repairs for you. Extending the life of your surfaces by repairs and touch-ups is always the best way to prevent damage to your building’s walls and surfaces.

Choosing the proper paint

Choose the Proper Paint 

With the right paint color and finish, along with an excellent, professional paint brand, you’ll get the best painting results possible. It pays to find someone who has experience with your type of commercial painting project because they’ll know how to apply each coat of paint and which primer or sealant should be used. 

There are many types of paints on the market—some better for interior walls than others. Finding the perfect paint for your commercial space can be challenging. Thankfully, when you hire a painting contractor, they will help you decide which paints are best suited to meet the needs of your building. Professionals have the knowledge of the type of paint that is most appropriate in each environment- from flat colors with strong cleaning ability that won’t show every fingerprint made on them to highly reflective glosses created specifically for heavily used spaces such as warehouses.

Painting is work that takes skills and abilities that professionals bring to every project. With the proper care and maintenance as outlined here, your building will stand the test of time and remain looking its best for the foreseeable future. 

If you need help or have any questions about how to care for your building’s painted surfaces, the experts at Streamline Painting are here to help. Give us a call or schedule a free consultation and our team would love to develop a plan specifically designed around your needs. We offer many options for cleaning, repairs, and painting to help make your building look its best.

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