Is Winter a Good Time to Schedule Interior Painting in Houston?

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Commercial business owners in Houston may be thinking about interior painting now that fall is here and winter is right around the corner. The unpredictable weather can make it difficult to plan exterior painting, so commercial business owners have turned their focus to interior painting to protect their investments and keep productivity high with regularly scheduled maintenance.

Some building owners may (wrongly) think that winter doesn’t offer suitable conditions for interior painting, but there are quite a few advantages to scheduling commercial painting during the winter. From the experts at Streamline Painting, these are the top three reasons why winter is actually one of the best times for interior painting projects, especially here in Houston. 

scheduling paintingProject Scheduling

Some professional painting companies prefer to schedule interior projects during the winter months simply because the demand is lower than in the spring and summer. In fact, painting and maintenance projects can be scheduled more easily during the less busy, colder months, which makes it more convenient for building owners and operators to schedule during the off-season around their schedules. Some painting contractors offer discounts for winter projects as these fill their off-season schedules.

Finding a professional contractor that can work around your scheduling needs should always be a priority. With most projects, setting up your schedule a month or so in advance will guarantee that you will be well prepared for a project that allows for a schedule to be bult that works for you. 

Project Flexibility

Professional painting companies understand the need for flexibility so your contractor of choice can keep working well past sunset without worrying about finishing your project on time. One of the greatest features of interior painting is that it doesn’t have to stop when the sun sets. In fact, interior painting comes with a significant amount of flexibility that exterior projects don’t have. This should give you peace of mind when it comes to deadlines or completing tasks quickly and efficiently.

With the holiday season right around the corner, many buildings are gearing up for an increase in foot traffic. By updating your interior now, you can display a beautiful interior for your patrons as they do their holiday shopping. Alternatively, if your office or commercial building will be empty for holidays, surprising your employees with a fresh interior may help boost productivity and welcome them back to work in the new year. 

temperature and humidityPainting Conditions

While scheduling is an important aspect of your painting projects, understanding how paint dries and sets is an important factor to consider with regard to timing of when to schedule your building’s painting project. The question remains, are winter conditions favorable for commercial interior painting?

Paint drying properly relies on two main factors – namely, temperature and humidity. Both temperature and humidity, and the combination of the two conditions, influence how well the paint dries as well as the strength of the finish once the paint cures and adheres to its surface. For Houston, this is rarely an issue when it comes to interior projects, and with most buildings regulating heat during the winter months, it is easy for professional painters to monitor these conditions for optimal paint drying time. 

There is some concern about Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs with regard to interior painting and occupant’s health. VOCs are present and made known by the “new paint smell” or odor that occurs while some paints dry. The benefit of painting in the winter is the ease of using special equipment and methods to disperse VOCs from an area safely and effectively without risking harm to anyone in the space.

From scheduling and painting conditions to flexibility and lasting results, making the decision to work with a contractor who understands and meets your expectations is important for every project. That is why many building owners and operators have chosen to work with Streamline Painting for their painting needs.

If the building you own or manage is in Houston, Spring, The Woodlands, or Conroe, Streamline Painting and More is your best option for commercial painting. With over 25 years of combined experience, our team of expert painters brings quality work to every project we undertake. If you are considering a commercial painting project this winter, now is a smart time to schedule a free estimate and get the ball rolling. Contact us today at 936-718-8354 and get your winter painting project underway!

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