Is August Too Late to Have my Commercial Building Painted in Houston?

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The Best Months for Exterior Painting in Houston

It is hard to believe, but summer is almost over and fall is right around the corner. If your summer flew by, there is a chance that you were not able to complete everything on your summer maintenance list. If this is the case, do not worry. There is still time to get those items checked off before the cooler months arrive. 

One project that may be at the top of your maintenance list this year might be having your commercial building painted. There is an optimal time to get your commercial building painted, and we are still within that timeframe here in Houston. 

Painting the exterior of a commercial building in Texas can be done basically all throughout the year, including August. However, there are considerations that professional painting contractors, like Streamline Painting & More, take into account before starting an exterior painting project. 

Houston has great weather for painting
August is a great time to paint in Houston


Texas in the summertime can be downright hot. Paint cures or dries best at temperatures between 50 degrees Fahrenheit and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. According to Benjamin Moore, “The optimal painting temperature would be 77ºF, but it is still acceptable to paint within a wide range of temperatures.”  

If the temperature is below 50 degrees, the paint may not adhere correctly to the surface of your building. How well paint cures and adheres to a surface can affect how long the paint lasts. If the building is too cold, there is also a chance that the paint will crack as it dries.  

Hot weather can cause paint to bubble as it dries
Photo from Benjamin Moore

On the other hand, extreme heat can be a problem as well. If the temperature is too hot, the paint may dry too quickly. This can cause the finish to look streaky or uneven. There could be brush marks or drips of paint that are difficult to cover. The paint may also bubble and blister in high temperatures, causing the finish not to look as nice. 

Additionally, a surface in the direct sun can become hotter than the overall outdoor temperature. Because of this, painting on a surface in direct sunlight should be a coordinated effort. A professional painting contractor knows how to ensure your exterior is painted in optimal weather conditions. 

Your painter knows how to ensure a surface is read to paint
Your painter knows how to ensure a surface is ready to paint

Humidity and Moisture

One of the most significant issues that painters deal with is humidity and moisture. Both can cause huge problems if not managed properly. If there is too much moisture or humidity in the air, or if the surface is wet, it will prevent the paint from drying and curing properly. The dry time will also be affected by humidity. Painting in damp conditions can lead to discoloration of the paint, and the texture will not be smooth. This uneven texture could fail in protecting the exterior of your building. 

In Houston, the average humidity is 75% annually. In August, the average humidity is 70%. Most paint manufacturers recommend not to paint when the humidity is above 80%. Therefore, most days in August provide ideal conditions for painting the exterior of your commercial building. 


Humidity and temperature, along with other conditions such as the wind, make up the weather. Paint needs several days to dry and cure properly. Because of this, the weather must not only be checked for the day that the paint is applied but also, the forecast should be checked on the day before and a couple of days after. 

If it rains the day before the paint is applied, the surface could still be wet, resulting in uneven drying. If the paint gets wet as it is drying, streaks in the paint may occur. The paint getting wet will also weaken the layer of paint and not provide the most substantial barrier to protect your building. 

Preparations need to be made before painting
Preparations need to be made before painting

Preparations that Should be Done Before Beginning an Exterior Painting Job

Even if all conditions are suitable for painting in August, some preparations for your commercial building may need to be done before the paint can be applied. First, you will want to make sure that the surface that is being painted is clean. This may entail getting your building pressure washed. 

Streamline Painting & More can paint your commercial building and can also help you prep for the paint job with our pressure washing and roof cleaning services. Cleaning the exterior of your building will help the paint have and retain a smoother finish. 

Hiring a professional painting contractor will guarantee that your painting project is completed when the conditions are ideal. It takes the guesswork out of trying to decide the best time to paint your building. August is not too late to schedule your commercial painting project. Streamline Painting & More has years of experience painting in the Texas heat and weather conditions. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.   

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