Interior Painting The Woodlands, TX: How to Choose the Right Color Paint for Your Room

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With most outdoor activities minimized due to the ongoing situation, now might just be the best time to carry out indoor home improvement projects such as interior painting.
If you came up with a fantastic idea to decorate your room, but you can’t decide the colors, this guide will help you decide.

Generally, choose a color that reflects your personality. Why choose a color that you will regret choosing the week after? Colors can also change your mood and make your room appear smaller or larger.

Here is a quick look at the most popular paint colors and what they represent:

Blue: instills relaxation, which works best if the room is very bright. Darker blues can make your room seem smaller, so be careful.

Without windows, darker shades of blue can also make your room seem too congested and claustrophobic. It works well in particular with wooden floors and can be very “therapeutic” and relaxing. The posters, family photos, and other décor items may not look their best against dark blue colored walls.

Green: depending on the shade, it can be a very natural or very artificial color. Dark greens are great if the room receives so much sunlight and can make you feel relaxed.

Light green works well with rooms that don’t get sunlight and can make them look bigger; they can give that nice sense of relaxation and are also original. Green is good for both males and females.

Black: large scale black should be avoided. It can go well with other colors, such as gray, silver, and some shades of dark blue, but it gives an overall sense of ‘gothic’ to the rooms and makes them look very small, suffocating, and scary at night.

Black can also make you feel particularly depressed, it can give you a headache, and it looks strange in the sunlight. But the posters and family photos look good on black walls.

Yellow: illuminates the rooms, improves your mood, and is a guarantee in creating smiles. Yellow goes well with any light and any floor.

The wall décor will also look great. It gives you a sense of freedom, peace, and energy. However, it can cause headaches if used in large, bright portions.

Red: the boldest of all paint colors, it shows that you are confident, you are proud and strong. Nothing can knock you down with this color. It goes well with any type of light and can make your room seem more spacious.

It is a warm, vibrant color and is usually not recommended for bedrooms. It is better if it is used together with another color (one or two red walls, the other white) or as a color to emphasize other items.

Pink: feminine, but not all girls like it. Pink can give the impression that you are a very superficial and materialistic person, but also fun and friendly.

It gives your room a calm and relaxed air and can make it seem more spacious.


  • Choose colors that go well together: Try to see which colors go well together and combine them. Experiment with different shades to get the combination you prefer.
  • Consider the colors that are already in your room: For walls and decorations, choose colors that look good with that existing color – work with what you already have.

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The Bottom Line

Choosing paint color and painting a brick exterior is not a completed project.
However, if you don’t have the time, skill, or tools to complete the job flawlessly, timely, and efficiently, consider hiring a pro.

Hiring a professional painting contractor saves you time and money, as well as the stress and hassles that come with an exterior painting project.
Working with an experienced and reliable pro is a guaranteed way to beautiful, high-quality, and durable paint job.

If you need any professional help with your home interior painting project in The Woodlands, TX, or Conroe, TX, our team at Streamline Painting & More can assist.

To get started with us, book a FREE estimate below or call us on 936-718-8354 for more details.

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