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Considering the current situation across the world, working from home, either partially or fully, will become inevitable.

With that said, if you’re setting up a temporary home office, we’ve got some ideas.
But how do you make your office area both attractive and functional?

To get there, here is a list of decor ideas for a home office and some colors to consider to maximize your creativity and your efficiency at work.

Cork Wall for Convenience

A cork wall is an excellent option since it will allow you to hang not only your notes and photos but also small decorative elements.
This idea can also be practical if you want to maximize the space under your stairs by setting up your office area there.
You can then pin your important notices and bills on it and take a look at what needs to be settled.

Some Inspiring Phrases

Inspirational and other phrases can be found elsewhere than in our notes or on the bulletin board.
Your office area is the perfect space to find inspiration. Expose yourself to what’s important to you every day by placing a prominent key phrase on a wall in your office. This will help you remember your goals, ambitions, or values every time you work.

A Chalkboard Wall for Taking Notes

Always a welcome addition to the décor – the paint is very useful, and the result is very pretty.
You can use it in your home office area to write notes, inspiring phrases, or even to let your creativity run free.
Drawings and scribbles are welcome!
You will be able to keep your children busy while continuing to work.

Perfect colors for an office


Yellow helps improve creativity. In addition to inspiring you, this color will bring brightness and dynamism to your workspace.
Whatever the shade, lighter or darker, remain more neutral in the accessories to avoid confusion in the colors.


If you are not outside, you will feel closer to the plant world with green. This color is said to be soothing and refreshing, even invigorating. Everything to give you the energy you need to carry out your daily tasks.


The blue color represents calmness. Whatever the shade, it is the ideal color for an office.
Pale blue, old blue, turquoise … the choices are wide and the decor styles too.
Note that blue works particularly well with materials such as wood or brick. Inspiring for an office space.

Neutral shades

Natural shades like beige, gray, or white are always a good option. They do not attract too much attention, blend in with all the other colors, and inspire calm.
These colors also bring out raw materials: wood, metal, brick. Add a touch of color in the accessories, for more contrast.

Pale pink

Pink, in lighter shades, calms the mind. In a workspace, this is a welcome feeling.
Old rose, peach pink, and other lighter shades are a great choice. You can paint a wall, your work unit, a chair, or simply incorporate pink accessories.

Do you have other great ideas for organizing or decorating a workspace? Do not hesitate to share your ideas in the comment section below.

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