How Do I Know it’s Time to Repaint My Commercial Building?

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Being responsible for the safety and upkeep of a commercial building is no small task. From appearance to structural integrity, the management of your building’s interior and exterior is a great responsibility. One of the strongest, most important layers of protection for your entire building is a fresh coat of paint.

Exterior and interior painting is a great way to protect your building from deteriorating. Painting, and the preparation done ahead of it, keeps your building looking well-maintained and improves the value of your property. The key to keeping this layer of protection effective is knowing the signs that your building needs to be repainted. Here are 5 things to ask yourself to determine if it is time to repaint your commercial building.

1. How Often Should a Building be Repainted?

While there is no set standard of time to determine when your building needs to be repainted, there are a few key components to keep in mind when scheduling a repainting of your commercial building.

For exteriors, keep the climate and weather in mind for determining when to have your project started, worked on, and completed. The paint in areas affected by harsh changes in weather and direct sunlight will age more quickly than the paint in areas that are shaded and have regulated temperature.

The material your building is made of also influences how often your building needs to be painted. Of course, the quality of paint that was used last time to paint your building will make a difference as well. The average commercial building should be repainted about every 5-10 years. Having a professional painter inspect your building’s exterior for signs of wear and tear or damage will be one of the best ways to know when you need to repaint.

When it comes to interior painting, some of the factors that determine when you should paint are different than the exterior. Any damaged areas should be repainted, whether they’re inside or outside. The interior of your building may be more dependent upon décor trends than its exterior. When protecting heavy use, high-traffic areas and updating the aesthetic of your interior, painting is an important part of upkeep for your building. Typically, commercial building interiors should be repainted every 3 years to ensure a well-maintained building.

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2. How Does a Building’s Use Affect Its Paint?

While the timeframes described above are generalizations, there are a few factors that can shorten the lifespan of your building’s paint finish. For example, if your building has one or more high traffic areas, interior walls may need to be repainted every 1-2 years, stead of the usual 3-5 years. For spaces that get a lot of foot traffic, paint on the floor, whether concrete or floorboards, is not recommended. Instead, a more durable paint, such as epoxy, could be used to mark or fully paint your floor areas.

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3. Are There Obvious Signs of Wear and Tear on Painted Surfaces?

As with all things, paint begins to break down over time. There are some obvious signs of wear and tear that will draw your attention to problem areas. On your building’s exterior, keep an eye out for any peeling, bubbling, or cracking on painted surfaces. This means that moisture is likely already seeping in and compromising your paint’s finish.

Interior signs of wear and tear are similar and can be easier to spot since you or your tenants spend more time indoors than outside the building. Discoloration of your wall’s paint can be a sign of paint fading or, worst-case scenario, of mold or mildew growing inside the wall. Scuff marks from everyday use are also signs that your painted surface has been bumped, scraped, or nicked and possibly require attention if cleaning the scuff mark is unsuccessful. High-quality paints are designed to be stain-resistant, so if marks linger on the walls, it may mean that it is time to repaint.

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4. What Improvements Can I Make to my Building During a Slow Season?

If you have experienced a slowdown in business, or are trying to stay ahead of the curve, painting is a great way to give your building the boost, to make it brighter or more updated. Using this time to repaint before the busyness of the holiday season is a great way to stir up a buzz about your commercial building.

Note that many professional painting contractors are less busy during the winter months, giving your project a higher level of attention and possibly at a better cost. Talk to your painting estimator about favorable pricing for the opportunity to paint your building during their “off-season.”

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5. Do I Need to Update my Building’s Colors?

If you’ve noticed a dip in employee morale, or you struggle to keep motivation high, you may want to try updating the colors in your building. Research shows that worker’s moods can be effected simply by the color of the room.

If your exterior colors seem dull and faded from sun exposure, it may be the perfect time to spruce up your building and introduce some new color to your brand. The winter months in Houston can be an especially great time for repainting as we step into a new year.

If these questions have been on your mind, it may be time to repaint your building. The best way to know for certain is by scheduling a free consultation with a professional painter and having them inspect your building. At Streamline Paint & More, we know the signs that your commercial building needs a fresh coat of paint. Let our team of experts help you to transform your space in these upcoming months.

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