How Building Managers Can Successfully Plan an Exterior Painting Project

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We help building managers plan their exterior painting projects

Planning commercial painting projects requires precision and excellent communication at each stage in the project in order to achieve your desired results. For seasoned project managers, this planning process can be enjoyable when done well. Less experienced supervisors can easily feel intimidated or overwhelmed by the process. However, strategic planning takes the guesswork out of projects so that on-going commercial building maintenance becomes easy, even for novice managers.

Thorough preparation and research will help any project manager as they prepare for large-scale painting. Planning measures should include careful evaluation of the condition of your building, calculated scheduling, well-timed communication, and collaborating with professional contractors. For more detailed information on the steps to successfully complete your next commercial painting project, rely on the guidance of the experts at Streamline Painting & More.

Signs Your Building Needs to be Painted

Conducting regular, visual inspections should be the first step in your plan to carefully maintain your building. Consider creating a detailed assessment checklist and adding reminders to your calendar to complete preventative maintenance and avoid the stress of rushed, last-minute projects.

Specifically, be sure to watch for the telltale signs that your building is in need of a fresh coat of paint, including any chipping, bubbling, or peeling. These are indicators that moisture has penetrated your walls and compromised your paint’s protective layer. Not only does a fresh coat of paint communicate that you take pride in maintaining your building’s exterior, it actually adds a protective barrier between your surfaces and the elements.

If you notice that your building requires painting, reach out to an experienced commercial painter in your area. As part of your estimate, your painting contractor will complete a comprehensive inspection of your building and note any areas in need of attention to prevent additional damage. The assessments can save money because preventive measures, such as touch-ups, can often forestall major projects.

When’s the Best Time to Paint the Exterior?

Exterior paints are designed to withstand the harsh elements we experience in Houston, but their protection wanes over time. From direct sunlight to humidity, paint truly defends your building’s exterior from whatever mother nature has in store. Typically, building managers should plan to paint their commercial buildings every 3-7 years.

Scheduling an exterior painting project can be tricky, since weather plays a large role in the curing process. Relative humidity and temperature both significantly affect dry time. When painting with latex, aim for days where the humidity remains below 80% and temperatures stay between 50 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Although an experienced painter can mitigate the effects of suboptimal conditions to paint year-round, ideal weather windows open up and become more ideal for exterior painting in Houston in March-May and again in October-December.

Window frames should be a regular inspection point for any building manager.

What Should be Painted?

Property managers know their buildings better than anyone and can usually tell when something is amiss. Scheduling and having regular building inspections can alert you to damage or glaring issues. In order to further ease the potential strain of building maintenance, plan to periodically assess the overall appearance of your exterior.   

Chances are, if you don’t remember the last time a surface was painted, it’s time to paint again. Make sure to include these key areas in your scheduled evaluations:

  • Window frames should be a regular inspection point for any building manager. Imperfections in the paint or breaks in the caulking are indicators that these surfaces have been overexposed to the elements.
  • Walls that get direct sunlight will show signs of fading faster than ones that are shaded for most of the day. Fading paint not only looks worn, it is actually breaking down faster than other areas.
  • Entryways and doorways see the most foot traffic of any building. These areas need the most frequent touch-ups to maintain the flawless finish that will make a statement to everyone who enters.

How to Communicate with Your Commercial Tenants

Relying on a plan for scheduled evaluation and maintenance of your building will make the experience far better for building managers. To make the process easier for those who utilize your building, plan to proactively prepare everyone for upcoming projects and provide updates as your project progresses.

Remember to communicate early and often regarding the timing and duration of the project so others can plan accordingly. Plan to distribute a notice explaining which areas of the building will be affected, as well as the reasons why these repairs are necessary. Assure all tenants that this temporary disruption will provide a better building for everyone.

Working with Commercial Painters

Take your time to research commercial painters in your area. Choosing a qualified contractor is crucial to your project planning process. The right contractor is one that will collaborate with you to execute your plan with excellence. At Streamline Painting & More, we want to help make this process as straightforward as possible, while providing the highest quality of work. If you are in the Houston area, please reach out to see how our team of licensed and professionally-trained painters can bring your next project to life.

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