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Keeping people safe inside a commercial building is at the forefront of the minds of building owners and property managers. While there are many things to consider for the safety of those in your buildings, you may not realize that the paint you choose can also affect health and safety.

There are various factors that painting contractors consider when choosing the paints for their clients’ interiors. Not only does a painting contractor receive training and materials from paint manufacturers, like Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore, but they also receive top-notch support from those companies who readily answer painters’ professional questions regarding their paint products.

In addition, painting contractors get to hear firsthand from their commercial painting clients how well a particular paint has accomplished its job of protecting, sealing, and beautifying a surface.

When it comes to keeping your building inhabitants safe, using paints that support a healthy environment is a great place to start. Here are a few of the most important paint characteristics to consider when it comes to interior painting efficiency and safety.

Stain Blocking Coverage

Commercial Building Stain Blocking Coverage
Source: Sherwin-Williams

If your building sees frequent wear and tear, you’ll need a paint that can withstand stains and regular cleaning. From restaurants, to rentals, any building that gets heavy foot traffic will require paint that can perform.

For these types of projects, Pro Industrial Acrylic Coating from Sherwin-Williams ranks number one. This paint provides an environmentally friendly approach to stain-blocking coverage. This acrylic-based paint is a fast-drying, high-grade paint that is perfect for commercial spaces. It performs well on trim and woodwork and has even shown to hold up on restroom walls and ceilings. For customers who want top-shelf coatings without the cost of water-based epoxy, this truly is a great choice. This is recommended both for interior and exterior surfaces.

Stain Resistance Coverage

Stain Resistance Coverage Commercial Paint
Source: Sherwin-Williams Professional Painting Contractor

For buildings and businesses that need protection against oil and water-based stains, choosing a paint that performs high in stain resistance and coverage is necessary. Businesses with kitchens, and even manufacturing companies can benefit from the lasting resistance that comes with this type of protective paint.

For these needs, Pro Industrial Pre-Catalyzed Water-based Epoxy from Sherwin-Williams ranks high. This washable and impact-resistant finish is perfect for high traffic areas in places like restaurants, car dealerships, and government buildings. It is also specially formulated for drywall, masonry, block, and concrete which makes it extremely durable. In fact, this line boasts the ability to withstand repeated cleanings without compromising performance.

High Humidity Paint

Advance Interior Paint Commercial Building
Source: Pintura Paint Supply

For building owners who need a paint that goes on effortlessly and adapts to various surfaces, there are excellent paints that repel moisture, keeping it from getting to and warping wood-based or sheet-rocked surfaces. Whether you run a spa, salon, are in biotech, or any business that produces water vapor you’ll need a paint that can minimize the negative effects of moisture on your painted surfaces.

For minimizing the negative effects of moisture on walls and other painted surfaces, Advance Interior/Exterior Paint by Benjamin Moore is a great choice. With its Gennex Color Technology, this paint boasts maximum performance for long-lasting results. A semi-gloss or high gloss finish allows the paint to dry harder than other finishes, which provides excellent protection against humidity and mildew.

Zero VOC

Commercial Building Office

For those looking for paints that will make the air cleaner and easier to breathe, you’ll want to avoid paints with volatile organic compounds (VOCs). From Healthcare facilities, to conscientious startups, to transportation facilities, anyplace that needs clean air (and who doesn’t?) will want a paint with zero VOCs. VOCs are linked with air pollution and can cause respiratory problems. It’s important, now more than ever, to be able to ensure that you can offer your tenants and their customers and clients the cleanest, freshest environment possible.

In this category, there are many brands and types that are low or no VOC paints. One excellent choice is Super Hide Zero VOC by Benjamin Moore. This Benjamin Moore paint comes in a wide variety of sheens. It performs consistently on various surfaces, hides stains well, and comes with Gennex Color Technology. The greatest advantage though, is the zero VOCs and low to no odor that many building owners need. This versatile brand is quite the performer in just about any space.

 Streamline Painting & More is here to help you keep your building safe and healthy all while bringing you an incredible customer service experience. Trust, competency, and craftsmanship are how we deliver quality service on each and every project. We look forward to connecting with you for your next commercial painting project. Contact us today and let us help you make your building a healthy and safe environment.

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