Exterior Painting The Woodlands, Texas: Read This Before Painting Your Vinyl Siding

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Are you considering repainting your vinyl siding in The Woodlands, Texas?

We have a few tips to make your paint job flawless and more durable.

Vinyl siding is considered to be relatively maintenance-free. This is because it does not need to be painted too often. It comes with a color mixed with the material, which is more or less permanent.

But over time, the color can disappear, and often unevenly on different areas of the siding, due to varying rates of exposure to the sunlight.

The good news is, you can paint vinyl siding, but they’re just a few considerations to keep in mind;

1. Does Your Warranty allow it?

Before you start painting your vinyl siding, make sure that the siding paint will not void its warranty if the warranty is still active.

Even if the warranty allows paint, be sure to meet all requirements, such as the type and color of paint to be used.

2. Surface Prep

Use soap and water to hand-scrub the old siding and remove all dirt, grease, and chalk. Thoroughly rinse the siding with clean water.

If there are moldy surfaces, use a hydrogen peroxide cleaner or one of the cleaning solutions recommended by the Vinyl Siding Institute.

While some professional painters clean the vinyl siding with a pressure washer, hobbyists should be very careful with this method.

Improper technique can allow water to get behind the siding where it can wreak havoc (like promoting mold and rot) on wallcovering and other materials.

3. Priming

There are different schools of thought regarding priming vinyl. Some pros use it in almost all cases, while others start with primer only when warranted by the condition of the surface.

For example, a primer may be recommended if the siding is pitted or has other signs of deterioration.
A simple solution is to follow the advice of your paint manufacturer. Keep in mind that the paint adheres to the layer directly below, whether this layer is bare siding or a primer.
If you are using a primer, make sure the paint is formulated to stick to it.

4. Vinyl Thermal Expansion

It is essential to understand that the vinyl siding is designed to slide back and forth slightly at its overlapping joints, moving with the expansion and contraction of the material.
When the siding contracts in cold weather, it may expose a small unpainted space at the seams.

5. Limits of Paint Color

Each type of vinyl siding is designed for a specific amount of heat absorption.
Since dark colors absorb more heat than light colors, you should not choose a paint color darker than the original vinyl color.
A darker color can absorb more heat than the vinyl siding was designed to handle, which can lead to warping of the siding.

6. Type of Paint to Use

Nowadays, quality paint manufacturers offer paints specially formulated for vinyl siding, and usually specify a variety of “vinyl safe” colors; that is, colors that do not absorb too much heat.

Many vinyl paints are a mixture of urethane and acrylic resins, combining flexibility and excellent adhesion.

7. Applying paint to vinyl siding

You will be happy to know that there are no special application techniques for painting vinyl siding.
You can use a brush (with or without a roller) or use spray equipment.

Need Help Repainting Your Vinyl Siding?

Hiring a professional painting contractor saves you time and money, as well as the stress and hassles that come with an exterior painting project.
Working with an experienced and reliable pro is a guaranteed way to beautiful, high-quality, and durable paint job.
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