Exterior Painting Sarasota, Florida: Stucco Painting Prep Tips

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Aside from enhancing a home’s appearance in Sarasota, Florida, a fresh coat of paint can help protect your home from the elements (sun, rain, snow, etc.) and the inevitable deterioration that occurs from prolonged exposure to these elements.

When stucco appears dingy, it needs little more than a hosing off with warm, soapy water. A new coat of paint can offer an even greater refresh. But like any other exterior paint job, proper preparation is key to getting the best paint results on your stucco siding.

Stucco holds paint well, and as long as the siding is in good condition, prepping for paint is minimal and involves caulking cracks and cleaning the old stucco.

In this article, we will take you through the steps you need to prepare your exterior stucco for painting. Let’s get started, shall we?

1. Have a Plan

Preparing for exterior painting can generally be a daunting task.

Depending on the size of your home and your level of experience, you might even not know where to start.

The best approach is to start with a well thought out plan –identifying the parts of the paint job that needs to be broken down and which ones should be done together.

Additionally, identify the tools and materials you need, draft a budget, and set out some tentative timelines for your project.

2. Inspect Your Stucco

Take a moment to go around your home’s exterior and inspect your wall to see what kind of condition it’s in.

Do you see any cracks or patches that need to be fixed before painting? Most of the time, caulking would be the easiest way to fix minor cracks and patches.

Be sure to use a caulk designed specifically for stucco materials –it usually has sand added to it for better adhesion and blending.

If your stucco is peeling off or has lard spots that are damaged, it needs to be taken care of in advance before painting can take place.

You can fix smaller patches with premixed stucco repair patch material, which you can often find at the local home improvement store.

If you run into any heavily damaged areas, you may need to contact the original installer to see what course of action they recommend before painting.

3. Cover the Ground.

If you can’t avoid them, consider temporarily relocating them into pots. These simple measures and a bit of planning can save lots of repairs and aggravation at the end of the project.

4. Tape Around Obstacles

There’re several items scattered around your home’s exterior, which you should avoid painting over, and the painter’s tape can come in handy.

Some of these items include the utility heads, exterior outlets, and hose racks and bibs. Remove the things you can move and tape around those that can’t be moved conveniently.

Doing this in advance will allow you to maintain your pace once you get to the actual painting process.

5. Cleaning

Your stucco exterior will require a right amount of pressure washing to remove loose dirt, debris, old paint, and any material that might prevent the paint from properly adhering to the surface.

Use a Pressure washer set a 1,200-1,500 PSI to wash from the top down.

Use a wide spray tip and be sure to angle the nozzle away from door frames, light fixtures, windows, and any features that might be damaged by the water stream.


Preparation for stucco painting, as you can see, is not a complicated process. However, it needs to be done carefully, making sure that you don’t miss any critical step.

If you have a bigger home or your stucco has issues, preparing and painting it can be quite overwhelming. Thankfully, Streamline Painting & More can help.

At Streamline Painting & More, we are committed to providing the highest quality painting work and professional service to Houston, Spring, The Woodlands, and Conroe, TX.

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