Exterior Painting Conroe, Texas: What to Know When Using a Spray Paint

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Paints guns and cans are a common tool for both DIY and professional painters looking for a fresh approach to home exterior and furniture painting.
If you’re planning to use a spray gun in your next exterior repainting project, this article will help you achieve a flawless and mess-free paint job.
Before using the spray gun, familiarize yourself with its operation and make sure you understand the necessary precautions.
The paint gun generates pressure (with air or not), which allows the product to vaporize on the surface at a regular rate.
Powered by electricity or gas, the gun covers a larger area in less time than the traditional brush.

Under no circumstances should you use a paint spray gun without the proper protective equipment.
During use, wear a mask or respirator as well as goggles and cover your hair. Wear a painter’s outfit to reduce the exposure of your skin.

Paint guns are extremely powerful and can cause injury if not used properly. Follow the manufacturer’s directions at all times and never point a working gun at yourself or anyone else.

How to Use a Paint Spray Gun

Before you start painting, make sure the surface is thoroughly cleaned and find out what type of paint and tip is right for your project.
Each surface to be painted requires a specific tip; usually, larger areas require a larger tip, and smaller areas and narrower spaces require a thinner tip.

The superior quality exterior paint will provide better covering power and better color on application.
We recommend that you start painting one side of the house (side not exposed to the sun if possible) for two reasons:
• Direct sunlight can dry the paint too quickly and cause a host of problems, including cracks and blisters.
• The small area allows you to make mistakes and thus try different ways of doing things and find your comfort zone.
First, paint the eaves and awnings, then the corners, and the outline of the windows. When the corners are finished, paint lengthwise, starting at the top of the exterior wall.

When you are painting the bottom third of the wall, keep the gun well oriented on the surface and not tilted down. This will prevent overflows on the floor of the house.

How to Spray Paint Evenly

It is important not to rush the spray painting steps; by going slowly and at a constant rate, you will get a nice result.
The paint is sprayed much faster and in greater quantity than when applied with a brush, so the greatest difficulty is to obtain a uniform layer with the gun.

To avoid uneven layers, hold the spray gun about 30 cm (one foot) from the surface to be painted.
If you hold the gun too far from the wall, you may apply the paint unevenly, and too close, you may have runners on the wall.
Spray at a 90-degree angle, work in sections, and do not try to paint further than the area within your reach.

Apply the paint in a continuous motion, overlapping the paint applications and moving horizontally across the wall of the house.
If you stop painting without finishing the job, there may be a buildup of paint on the wall.

Decide how many coats you should apply. If the color is lighter than desired, wait until the first coat dries completely before applying a second coat.

How Long Does It Take For The Paint To Dry?

The drying time most often depends on the weather.
Ideally, you should paint your house in sections, which means that while you apply one coat in one section, the other section dries; but the cooler or wetter the weather, the longer the drying time.

Need Help Spray-painting Your Home Exterior

If you don’t have the time, skill, or tools to complete the job flawlessly, timely, and efficiently, consider hiring a pro.

Hiring a professional painting contractor saves you time and money, as well as the stress and hassles that come with an exterior painting project.

Working with an experienced and reliable pro is a guaranteed way to beautiful, high-quality, and durable paint job.

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