Exterior Maintenance Projects for Your Houston Commercial Building

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Spring has sprung in Houston and as the bees are buzzing and flowers are blooming you may find yourself busy preparing your commercial building for the drier months ahead. As you begin to work on your exterior maintenance list for your building, you may be overwhelmed with a seemingly large to-do list. If you are unsure where to even start this spring, the professionals at Streamline Painting & More have compiled essential tips for every commercial building owner or manager. Here are seven needed exterior maintenance projects for your Houston commercial building.

Pressure Washing

One of the easiest ways to freshen up your exterior and clean your surrounding areas is with pressure washing. Thorough cleaning with a pressure wash will loosen and remove build-up like pollen, dust, and even moss to leave your building and walkways looking brand new. There are different types of nozzles and power designed for varying surfaces, so if you are an inexperienced pressure washer it is recommended that you hire a professional to care for your building’s exterior surfaces.

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Window Treatment

Windows are an important way to show people that you care for your building. Grime build-up from all the precipitation over the winter months can leave your windows streaky and looking dull. Routine window cleaning can brighten up rooms, save on electricity by allowing natural light in, and improve the overall look of your building. Additionally, cleaning any window features can brighten and accentuate the features of your building. This can be achieved with a window treatment to remove any water stains on your windows. Proper care for your windows can also spot problem areas quickly, making minor repairs as they arise.

HVAC Maintenance

While most people think of HVAC being an interior maintenance task, your unit is likely installed on the roof or outside of your building. As we transition to warmer weather, your unit will need to be working at full capacity to handle the Houston heat. This includes servicing your unit and cleaning out areas that may have collected dust, debris, or even become home to some of the lovely critters in our Bayou City. Identifying any potential issues ahead of the hottest days will keep your equipment in tip-top shape all summer long.


Your building’s exterior appearance can influence people’s perspective of your operations. For employees and visitors alike, how people feel when they are at your building can easily be a mood booster if your landscaping is well kept. In addition to regular lawn care, other landscaping work can liven up your exterior. Keep in mind that updates like planting shrubs or flowers, trimming existing foliage, aerating soil, weeding, and laying mulch can transform your landscape into an incredible space for everyone to enjoy.

Building with cracks fixed by streamline painting

Winter Damage Repair

With the winter weather now behind us, your building may have surfaces exposed to the elements and needs to be inspected for necessary repairs. The safety of your building is also something to consider with these repairs as walkways left unattended can become hazardous. Taking a simple walk around your building will help identify areas that have been damaged from our winter storms. Cracks in walls, walkways, or parking lots can lead to serious repairs if they aren’t addressed immediately. 


While the previously mentioned projects focus on preparing your exterior for summer, others are specifically focused on repairs from winter. Getting a professional inspection every spring can help catch necessary repairs before they become major issues. As we’ve experienced, winter weather can be harsh and heavy rains or even snow with freezing and thawing will take a toll on your exterior surfaces — especially on your roof. Professionals know what signs to look for when it comes to commercial roofs, so scheduling a consultation for cleaning and repairs is essential for your roof’s health.

Exterior Building Paint


Most commercial property managers and owners wait until the summer to start exterior painting projects. Houstonians know that getting a head start on making these painting updates as early as March can mean you have lasting paint that protects your surfaces from the harsh summer sun. Exposure to the elements breaks down your protective layer of paint over time. Thankfully paint touch-ups can not only protect your surfaces but brighten up your exterior and boost your curb appeal.

For more than two decades, Streamline Painting & More has provided the communities of Houston, Conroe, Spring, and The Woodlands with professional contractors who bring quality work to each and every client. Helping property owners and managers keep their exterior maintenance projects on schedule is what we pride ourselves on. Our contractors promise to keep projects on schedule and deliver above and beyond expectations. Contact us for a free estimate and let us help you complete your spring maintenance checklist.

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