Create a Painting Maintenance Plan for Your Company

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Small and large business owners alike have plenty on their plates to keep them busy. While maintaining your building is important, it may not be the highest priority on your daily to-do list. Creating a plan for your building’s routine care is a best practice for your company, but creating a building maintenance plan you can follow takes effort. 

There are numerous benefits associated with regularly painting your building. From protection and prevention of damage to ensuring your building always looks its best, painting your building regularly provides you with the best return on your investment. To begin creating your painting maintenance plan, follow the steps recommended by the experts at Streamline Painting. 

Create a Painting Maintenance Plan for Your CompanyStart at the Beginning

You can begin building your painting maintenance plan by separating interior and exterior projects. Since outdoor projects can be limited by weather cooperation, prioritize these in a way that makes the most sense for Houston. Typically, this is in the early spring to mid-summer months for our area. Interior projects can be scheduled for the fall and winter months, which are often less busy for painting contractors. The benefits of scheduling interior paint updates during slower months is that they may be easier to schedule and you may enjoy a discount for booking your project during off-peak season. 

Take Inventory

Schedule time to take a walk around your building’s interior and exterior. As you inspect each area, note any surfaces that are typically in need of repainting. Painted metal, wood, ceilings, plasterboard walls, and all exterior surfaces should be on your list. Make note of areas that are showing signs of wear, these will need the most immediate attention from your painting contractor. Other painted surfaces like doors, windows, railings, work surfaces, floors, and equipment should also be noted. 

Create a Painting Maintenance Plan for Your CompanyRepainting All Surfaces

Once you’ve made your list of surfaces that need to be routinely inspected, it is time to prioritize which surfaces will need the most attention. Take note of signs that the existing paint needs attention. Signs include paint that is cracked, peeling, bubbling, fading, or spots where the paint barely or no longer covers the surface. Typically speaking, surfaces should be repainted regularly. For interior surfaces, plan to have complete repainting projects every 3-5 years for commercial buildings. Exteriors can be repainted every 5-10 years depending on the type and grade of paint you choose and what your surfaces are made of. This list of areas to focus on and maintain will help your contractors prioritize their tasks and stay on schedule.

Scheduling your Estimate

Once you’ve prioritized your exterior projects, scheduling a professional contractor and walking them through your vision is crucial. By giving your contractor clear directions regarding the areas requiring their focus, you’ll have better results and minimal disruptions to your day-to-day business. 

Details are Key

When it comes to the details of your project, your input should always be a top priority. Take note of which types of paint your contractor recommends. For lasting results that will make regular maintenance easy, using paints that are of a higher grade and fewer additives will bring about desired results. Additionally, ensuring that your painting contractor explains what surface prep is necessary, including repairs, will be helpful in your planning process. 

Create a Painting Maintenance Plan for Your CompanyLeave it to the Professionals

The details of your project will be handled with care and precision with a contractor who is skilled and capable of protecting your surfaces. Once your painting projects are underway and done routinely, you’ll not only build a strong relationship with your painting contractor, but they will be able to make necessary repairs proactively and prevent expensive damage, all while keeping your building looking its best.

Business owners in Houston, The Woodlands, Spring, and Conroe choose to work with Streamline Painting for our excellent customer service and satisfaction. We are committed to our communities for the last 25 years by bringing quality work to every project we complete. From our expert painters to our project managers and estimators, we always work hard to provide our clients with the best plan to complete any project. Visit our website or contact us today at 936-718-8354 for your free estimate!

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