Common Commercial Painting Challenges for Houston Buildings

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A well maintained and painted commercial building

It’s no secret that a good-looking building attracts better business opportunities. Keeping your building in pristine condition sends a strong message to your potential clients and customers. It is a sign of how well you will care for them. A beautiful building also shows your potential clients and customers the confidence you have in your business.

Continually caring for and maintaining a commercial building is no small feat, however. In Houston, our building owners and managers see some common painting challenges that go along with maintaining a commercial building. Here are just a few examples of the common commercial painting challenges that Streamline Painting & More solves on projects.

Commercial Building Painting and Maintenance can increase your foot traffic

Challenge #1: Foot Traffic

All great buildings should be utilized to their maximum potential. If you have experienced a less-than-full space in your building these past few months, you may have noticed just how well-used your building has been. From scuffs to bumps, your commercial building’s interior may have some areas that need to be freshened up. Even seemingly small scrapes on walls can lead to weak points in their integrity, so making these repairs is imperative for your building to be able to withstand the normal wear and tear it sees.

Professional painters are skilled and equipped to make these necessary repairs, as well as resurface whatever material your building may be made of. By matching the textured or smooth walls of the rest of your building, we are able to put the final touches of paint on any material. Sealing walls with a protective coat of paint helps protect these surfaces from further damage.

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Challenge #2: Water Damage/Mold/Mildew

Interior and exterior water damage is nothing new to Houstonians. Houston’s buildings are exposed to humidity and other moisture in the environment on a regular basis. Water damage not only weakens your surfaces, but it can also lead to further damage which can be costly. Unfortunately, if left unattended, water damage can lead to mold or mildew growth in dark, damp places on both the inside and outside of your building.

Fortunately, experts have years of experience treating, removing, and repairing any surface that has seen water, mold, and mildew damage. By cleaning surfaces and repairing areas so that water cannot accumulate, your building will be looking as good as new and your bottom line will be protected from costly repairs.

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Challenge #3: A Poor Initial Paint Job

If you own or manage a building, you know that its features can be as unique as you are. For inexperienced or amateur painters, any quirk or unique piece of your building could prove to be too much for their skill set. Underqualified painters, without the proper techniques, can simply fail to deliver a quality paint job. A bad initial paint job can lead to cracking or peeling paint, which can lend itself to water damage.

If your building has been left with a subpar paint job, you may need to hire a licensed and insured painter who can clean up after a botched paint project. By removing potentially harmful paint and preparing your surfaces to adhere to new paint, professional painters are able to restore your building to its original beauty.

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Challenge #4: A Lot of Time Has Passed

Old paint can lose its luster and vibrancy over time. Dull and dingy paint leaves buildings feeling worn and tired which can harm curb appeal and, potentially, your business. Old and outdated paint can send the wrong message to your clients about the amount you care for your business. The paint color you choose can help define your business’s brand, as well. Branding is important for any business and, when done correctly, can be used to better connect with your target market. 

Thankfully, with the advances in technology, high-quality paint is available to painting contractors. Along with what seems like an infinite number of colors to choose from, these higher grade, fade-resistant paints not only last longer, but they also stand up to aging so your building will look sharp for years to come.

Our local team of professional painters at Streamline Painting & More has a desire to bring exceptional service to each of our commercial projects. Our understanding of the service industry shows in our craftsmanship. Our attention to detail delivers excellence from start to finish. Contact us and let our team make your commercial building look amazing.

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