7 Tips For Refacing Your Kitchen Cabinets in Conroe, TX

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7 Tips For Refacing Your Kitchen Cabinets in Conroe, TX

Refacing your kitchen cabinets is one of the recent ways to make your outdated cabinets make a whole new look!

But, the refacing process is very challenging and risky if you don’t have proper knowledge in doing it.

That having said, here are the 7 tips For Refacing Your Kitchen Cabinets in Conroe, TX.

1. Check And Assess Your Kitchen Cabinets

Refacing kitchen cabinets can be very handy and inexpensive if your cabinets are very ideal for it.

But there are certain standards for your cabinets to be refaced, it should have a sturdy frame and smooth panels.

If you did not meet this standard, better replace your cabinetry rather than waste your money and effort in the long run.

2. Plan and Prepare

Every DIY project needs careful planning because having plans makes your job directed and guided.

Planning also involves preparing essential tools for the project, in refacing you will be needing

electric drills, screwdrivers, nail guns, and putty knives.

Moreover, in cabinet refacing you should create a timeline for you to finish your project with the proper time.

Also in planning, it’s very strategic that you already have the design in your mind so there will be no interruptions in the middle of your work.

If you don’t have ideas in refacing you may explore and adapt the different designs of refacing on the internet.

3. Prep And Clean The Drawers Thoroughly

Before you proceed with your refacing project, cleaning of drawers should be your priority so the dirt and grimes will be removed.

Preparing your drawers in refacing projects includes sanding the surfaces using sandpapers so you will have smoother and evener output.

In addition, you should remove all the accessories installed such as doors, drawer front, molding, so you do the refacing properly and smoothly.

4. Measure The Dimensions Correctly

To reassure that the newly refaced cabinets are matched with your drawers and doors, check the measurements accurately.

To obtain the specific figures, measure the width and height more than two times so you will avoid getting the wrong sizes.

Moreover, make sure that you will use the correct measuring tools so you will get the right sizes of your cabinets.

5. Search For The Best Material For Your Project

In cabinet refacing, make sure that you will use the best materials for your project. For instance, if you want to achieve a wood-like structure, a veneer is the best option.

But be careful in purchasing your supplies, make sure that you will buy in the same store so the veneer will fit perfectly.

6. Use Veneer To Cover The Cabinets

The minute you find the right materials for your refacing project, you are now ready to cover your cabinets with veneer.

In installing the veneer, the first thing you should do is to measure the frames, so they will be matched perfectly with edges.

In installing the facing you must first measure the vertical and horizontal frames so the veneer will be perfectly fitted with the edges.

The correct application of the veneer in the cabinets is starting with vertical frames to horizontal edges and carefully hold it so it will overlap all the edges.

Then using a woodblock or flat objects, hard press to remove any air bubbles and trim the extra material with a sharp utility knife.

7. Setup The New Accessories

One of the satisfying parts of a refacing project is the setting of new hardware so the makeover will be fully complete.

There are numerous designs and accessories for cabinets, but just make sure that you will consider the design of your refaced cabinets so they will be matched perfectly.

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