7 Tips For Painting Your Metal Fence in The Woodlands, TX

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7 Tips For Painting Your Metal Fence in The Woodlands, TX

Painting your metal fence can protect it from future rusting and flaking- thus doing this kind of project requires enough skills and knowledge.

Moreover, applying paint to a metal fence adds color and appeal to the overall exteriors of one’s home.

Many opt to choose metal fences rather than wooden fences as this is much sturdier and tougher with proper maintenance.

So to help you maintain your metal fences, here are the 7 tips for painting your metal fence in the Woodlands, TX.

1. Remove Rust Deposits

One of the important things to consider in painting your metal fence is removing dust beforehand.

Removing the rust of your metal fence stops it from spreading which makes it long-lasting.

But always keep in mind that in dealing with rust you should have with you your safety gloves, glasses, and a facemask.

To effectively remove dust, you may use a combination of a wire brush, steel wool, and a bit of effort which will be required to scrub off the rust.

2. Smoothen the Metal Surface.

After removing rust from your metal fence, the next thing to do is to smoothen its surface by using sandpaper.

This part of the job can consume a lot of your time and effort, but you must do this to achieve a better metal fence painting job.

Once the removal of rust and sanding the rough areas of your metal fence are done, you now have to wash the surface using mineral spirits to completely wash out residues and dirt.

3. Check the Weather Forecast.

Always remember that in painting a metal fence, it is very important to know the local weather updates.

Make sure that the humidity is not that high and the temperature should only range between 50-80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Weather can greatly impact the result of your painting job, so always check for daily forecasts before starting your project.

4. Coating The Metal Fence with a Primer

Applying primer beforehand is very important in painting your metal fence because it helps the paint to adhere properly and smoothly.

Moreover, the primer comprises numerous components which are highly effective for cleaning, sealing, and protecting metal.

But keep in mind to have the desirable result, just make sure that you let it dry for about 1 to 2 days.

5. Choose The Correct Paint.

There are many categories of paint for exterior painting, but not all of them are created the same.

There are more rust-resistant paints, which are far more suitable for painting a metal fence.

If you’re doing your DIY, make sure to ask for paint dealers the best paint for metal to ensure the correct type of paint.

6. Apply for Second Coating

Applying follow-up coating can make your paint job smoother and even result.

Moreover, the second coating helps your metal fence last longer and withstand factors such as breaking, flaking, and rusting.

The second coat provides a type of seal and barricade, which makes it easier to wipe and clean.

And the durability is also better with two coats of paint because bumps and nicks tend not to penetrate through both layers of paint that saves your money in the long run.

7. Give Yourself Enough Time

Painting a metal fence takes time, especially when you take into consideration how long it takes for paint to dry, for example.

That’s why if you have plans of painting your metal fence, make sure to give yourself enough time, so you will become more focused on your work.

Or else you will end up splitting the project between a few weekends making it longer, changing the consistency of your work and effort.

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