7 Tips For Painting Your Bathroom in The Woodlands, TX

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7 Tips For Painting Your Bathroom in The Woodlands, TX

Aside from the idea that you could trim the budget from hiring a professional, DIY painting provides self-achievement.

Nothing beats the feeling of thinking deep thoughts, realizations, and self-actualization in a self-painted bathroom.

Following a set of guides and tips can help you attain a professional paint job by yourself.

Painting your own home is exciting so here are the 7 tips for painting your bathroom in Woodlands, TX.

1. Choose the Best Paint

No matter how potentially skilled you are in painting, you’d want to choose the best paint for your bathroom.

Paints with higher sheen provide better outcomes for your project even though they’re quite expensive.

Higher sheen paint provides better protection from moisture and molds and cheaper paints with low sheen suddenly peel off.

There is also a so-called “Bathroom Paint” which is available at paint stores or hardware.

Bathroom Paints have a higher sheen and contain anti-mildew agents which makes them more suitable for bathrooms.

2. Use The Right Tools

Cheaper tools can get you through the project and allows you to save a few.

However, the quality of the tools separates the work of a professional and the work of a layman.

A 3” angled sash paintbrush provides nice, clean, crisp cutting lines.

A Paint Roller with a 3/8 inch Nap provides the best results for interior walls and ceiling.

Bad rollers leave lint and splatter on the walls which don’t look good which results in an uneven finish.

3. Use High-Quality Tape

The painter’s tape prevents the paint from bleeding through the edges and doesn’t leave adhesive residue when peeled off.

Additionally, if can clear caulk the tape, it will give you a chance to achieve straighter and cleaner cuts.

Painting your bathroom will be easier and more satisfying if you use high-quality painter’s tape.

4. Clean The Surface Thoroughly

Grime, dirt, and soap build-up will give you a hard time sticking paint onto your wall.

And even if you’re lucky enough to make the pigment stick, chances are, it won’t last long.

Dirt is easy to get rid of just with the use of a dry and damp cloth.

However, soap scums are stubborn and you need to use a solution or chemical to get rid of them.

5. Double Coat

To achieve the best results, apply two coats of paint onto the target surfaces or area.

Apply a light skim coat as the first coat and let dry for 30 minutes to an hour.

You can crank up the temperature of the house and turn on the fan to make it dry faster.

You can sand the surface and apply the second coat once the first coating dries up.

6. Cover All Obstructions

Nothing is better than doing things right the first time since you get rid of the extra work of cleaning.

That’s why you should drape all obstructions in the bathroom using plastic sheets or drop cloth.

If it’s possible to remove hardware, furniture or fixtures beforehand would make painting your bathroom easier.

7. Work by Portion

Common suggestions would be to start on all edges but this usually depends on the size of the bathroom.

Cut in paint on two of your walls, roll paint on the area before moving to the other walls.

If you let the cut ends dry, the paint is going to bridge from the wall to the tape.

It might sound fine, but once you peel the tape, the dried paint goes along with it.

With that in mind, you should also remember to peel off the tape before the paint completely dries up.

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