7 Mistakes to Avoid When Painting Your Bathroom in Conroe, TX

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7 Mistakes to Avoid When Painting Your Bathroom in Conroe, TX

Painting your bathroom is more difficult than painting other areas of your home because of its small working space.

Also, its humidity is also a problem that you’ll have to deal with, so bathroom painting may be worse than what you’re thinking.

The good news is that there are mistakes that you can avoid to save yourself from any trouble.

Here are 7 mistakes to avoid when painting your bathroom in Conroe, TX.

1. No Prep Works Done

Professional painters say that preparing your bathroom requires twice the amount of time for painting it. 

This is why you should not proceed with painting your bathroom without doing any prep works.

Prepare your bathroom for painting by cleaning it, removing the decoration on the walls, covering your doorknobs with plastic, and putting drop cloths on the floor.

By doing this, expect less trouble and better results from your bathroom painting project.

2. Paint With The Right Paint Sheen

Painting with the right paint sheen is crucial when we talk about painting your bathroom.

Take note of this: a higher level of paint sheen means more reflective as well as more durable.

The eggshell or semi-gloss type of sheen can withstand high levels of moisture, this is why they are your best options when painting your bathroom.

3. Leaving The Bathroom Walls Uncleaned

Your bathroom walls accumulate dirt and grime over a long time of not doing any proper cleaning.

You can start by using a vacuum to get rid of the dust from your bathroom walls, then use a quality degreaser to easily wipe the dirt off your walls.

You can also create a degreaser on your own by simply mixing 2 cups of vinegar with a gallon of warm water. 

Use this to wipe your bathroom walls from top to bottom to ensure that you have cleaned the tight corners as well.

4. Panting Wet Bathroom Walls

One common mistake that you can avoid is applying paint to the walls of your bathroom that are wet. 

It’s hard to know how much time you need to wait before your bathroom gets completely dry, but you have to be patient to achieve better results. 

Leave the door and window of your bathroom open so that the air can circulate which can help clear out the dampness of your walls.

If you don’t want to end up wasting your effort, never paint wet bathroom walls.

5. Using Cheap Tools

There’s nothing wrong with using cheap tools, however, it’s not recommended when it comes to bathroom painting.

Instead of using cheap tools that are usually of low quality, use high-quality tools to achieve desirable results.

Also, you should take note of this: synthetic bristles are used for latex paints, while natural brushes are used for oil-based paints.

6. Not Applying Primer

If there’s one thing that you must not skip doing on your bathroom paint job, it’s priming the walls.

A primer will give you a smooth surface for your new paint to stick to. 

If you don’t prime the walls of your bathroom before painting it, your new paint will peel right after you applied it.

7. Applying A Second Coat So Soon

Before applying your second coat of paint, give the first coat enough time to completely dry.

Applying a second coat so soon can simply ruin your painting project and you might end up redoing everything.

Save yourself from any trouble by being patient and allow the first coat of paint to dry.

Keep in mind the perfection cannot be rushed; if you want to get better results, you have to wait.

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