6 Key Tips for Proper Wood Deck Maintenance in The Woodlands, TX.

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If your home in The Woodlands, TX or Conroe, TX has a beautiful wooden exterior deck, you probably want it to stay that way, forever. Every homeowner has that similar wish, and it remains, well, a wish. Your exterior deck has constant exposure to damaging elements such as rainfall, UV rays, temperature fluctuations, frost, and mildew growth.

Daily use can also quickly wear down the deck if it’s not well maintained. For many homeowners in the Conroe and The Woodlands, Texas, deck maintenance often means occasional sweeping to remove debris.

However, to maintain your deck’s excellent performance and increase its durability, you need to do more than occasional sweeping. Here are six tips for proper deck maintenance for your consideration;

1. Clean Your Deck Once A Year
Natural wood decks come in a variety of options, but they have the same basic principles in terms of cleaning. Tight-grained natural woods may be “watertight,” but they have a porous surface that eventually absorbs water and creates a suitable surface for mildew, mold and algae growth. Without proper cleaning and maintenance, wood decks can rot away. Have your deck professionally cleaned at least once per year to avoid rapid deterioration.

2. Sweep It Up
Sweep your deck regularly to prevent the accumulation of leaves, dust, and dirt that can stain the deck surface. If you have your grill on your deck, always use a grease catcher. Removing grease stains on the deck can be quite a hassle if you let the grease stain on the floor.

3. Make Sure Your Deck Is Stained And Sealed
Moisture is the most damaging element to your deck, and it needs to be tamed by all means. To prevent moisture damage and mildew growth, have your deck stained and sealed at least every 2-3 years. Staining and sealing prevent moisture from penetrating the wood grains while allowing the natural beauty of the wood to show through. If you have a new deck, don’t use paint or solid stain if you want to show off the natural beauty of the wood.

4. Don’t stain a New Deck Right Away
If you just installed a new deck, have it cleaned professionally to remove any surface impurities and kill any mildew spores. Newly installed decks usually have impurities that prevent the deck from sealing products from penetrating. Wait for at least 60 days for the newly installed deck to ‘settle’ before having it treated with a waterproofing sealer. Sealing the deck will protect it against organic growth, swelling, shrinking, greying, fine cracking, and warping.

5. Make Repairs As Soon As Possible.
The wood planks in your deck may crack, splinter or rot. Repair or replace any damaged deck planks as soon as possible to avoid replacing the entire deck. Wood rot, for instance, can spread to almost all the planks on your deck within a few months if not addressed in good time. Regular maintenance should also include tightening loose boards or railings and spot-treating any incidences of mildew and mold infection.

6. Do Consult Professionals
Wood deck greying, cracking, splintering, staining, and discoloring are just a few things that can go wrong with your deck. While regular cleaning and sweeping are relatively simple maintenance measures, addressing wood rot, mildew and board splinters might require technical skills.

Regularly hiring a professional to repair, clean, seal, and stain your deck is a sure way to boost the aesthetics and increase the durability and performance of your deck.

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