5 Tips for Repainting Your Home Exterior in Conroe, TX

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Our exterior is the first thing anyone will see when they’re coming over to our house – it sets the first impression; whether your home will be something they’ll feel right at home in or an uncomfortable visit they’ll rather forget as soon it ends.

So, it is only vital that we set a good impression right off the bat, to get all that good vibes kicking in when they get a first sight of your home.

One thing that will get your home exterior in tip-top shape would be to repaint it, but getting it to shine to its maximum potential is not an easy job to do.

So, if you’re currently scouring the internet looking for tips in repainting your home exterior, well, you’ve come to the right place.

Without further ado, here are 5 Tips for Repainting Your Home Exterior in Conroe, TX.

1. Consider Powerwashing your Exterior

The first thing you have to cross off your list in the process of repainting your home exterior would be to power wash it.

Your exterior is subjected to various pollutants, such as dust, muck, dried mud, and other dirt that you’d want to remove first before painting on it.

It would be much better to consider power washing your home exterior first before painting on it, so it will get that deep-clean it needs.

Paint would also adhere better to clean surfaces; just make sure to give it a day or so to completely dry, because painting on a wet surface just leads to another kind of paint-related problem.

2. Use primer

To get that brightly colored shine on your home exterior, you must never skip the primer.

Some people would easily commit the mistake of skipping the primer because, well, it just costs a whole lot more money and effort.

But this is the kind of mindset that just leads you to results that don’t even get to half of what you expected and is just overall unsatisfactory.

Primer is specially made for the paint to stick better, color brighter, and last longer.

Primer also gives you much better coverage, especially if you’re painting over dark walls, so to actually end up with the color you want, don’t commit the mistake of skipping primer.

3. Choose Your Colors In The Right Light

One common mistake most people would commit in repainting their exterior would be choosing colors under the wrong light.

Our exterior is under daylight lighting, which has a huge effect on presenting colors.

Paint under daylight tend to look cooler than they actually are, so in choosing a paint color, you should consider getting a shade warmer than what you initially chose, so you’d end up with the right shade of your liking.

For instance, you have chosen a shade of shell white; you might want to go with a color that is two or three times warmer than shell white, just so that when you apply that to your exterior under daylight, it will look closer to shell white, which is what you initially chose.

4. Mix Cans of Paint

Another helpful tip in repainting your exterior would be to mix cans of paint.

So what happens is you mix cans of paint in a large bucket, so you can ensure that you’d be applying an evenly matching coat of paint on your exterior.

This is what experts would call “boxing” the paint.

This is important because the instance you run out of paint, the paint you’ve initially applied will dry, and getting another can of paint, even if it’s of the same variation, you run the risk of the end product not being an exact match.

5. Paint From Top First

Lastly, in repainting your home exterior, you should paint from the top first.

This is to reduce the risk of drip marks running all over your fresh coat of paint, as what would probably happen if you’d paint from the bottom first.

Additionally, painting from the top first gets you to work with gravity instead of against it, which will be an essential ally in getting your repaint project to be a success.


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