5 Mistakes To Avoid When Painting Stucco in Conroe, TX

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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Painting Stucco in Conroe, TX

When you’re thinking about how to improve the exterior of your home and it happens that you have a stucco exterior, it’s entirely possible that you will fall into a trap of making some fundamental errors that wouldn’t happen when you are painting other types of home exteriors.

If you don’t know about them you are of course more prone to making them, which is why we are here to tell you about them and why you should avoid them — as some of them will be quite ruinous for your painting project.

With that being the case, let’s look at five mistakes to avoid when painting stucco in Conroe, TX.

1. Painting Dirty Surfaces

If there’s one thing that could easily derail your stucco painting project, it’s trying to paint over a surface that is dirty.

There are many levels of dirtiness when you are looking to paint, but just about any kind of dirt or grime that you can find on your stucco exterior is going to get in the way of the painting process.

You are also going to want to clean the area around where you are going to be painting because the kinds of things that are sometimes found on your exterior near where you paint could find their way onto your paintwork if you don’t take the time to protect those areas.

2. Not Letting The Stucco Cure

So you just got stucco applied to the exterior of your home or perhaps you have a newly constructed home that happens to have a stucco exterior.

The thing that a lot of people don’t realize about stucco exteriors is that they need time to cure — at least sixty days after it has been made, or you’re going to have big issues down the road.

The best thing that you could do for yourself is to not even touch the exterior of your stucco home when you have first applied the stucco and to let that time pass and perhaps in that time period you can research what color or colors you want, when you’re going to do it, when the weather is going to be best for your painting project, etc.

3. Improperly Patching

If your stucco exterior is not a new one getting painted but rather an existing stucco exterior that is getting a new coat of paint, you may be thinking that you can just slap on some easy patching material to fill in any holes and then just start painting straight away.

There are many ways you can patch your stucco exterior but the easy way is likely never going to be it.

Indeed, it is far better to take the time and money to make sure that your cracks in your stucco are properly patched so that when you sand and prime and paint, you won’t be wasting your time.

4. Inexpensive Materials

Speaking of wasting, your whole paint job could be a waste if you don’t get reasonably priced painting materials — the brushes and rollers and other things you are going to need to paint your stucco exterior.

Even if you decide you want to go cheap and therefore go with a bargain priced paint, you might end up suffering — a paint job that will look good for a few months but might start fading within the year.

Better to bump up your budget a little bit and get something that’s going to last you for awhile longer.

5. Washing With Too High Pressure

Lastly, consider the process of cleaning your stucco exterior — and while it is certainly a good thing to use a power washer (it saves a lot of time) you should not use too high of a setting while cleaning.

The danger from doing this is quite extreme — you could actually cause a great deal of damage to your stucco exterior if you use too high of a setting.

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