4 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Your Next Painting Company In The Woodlands

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Hiring a painting contractor is the most convenient, reliable and stress-free way of having your painting project completed. Most painting contractors have massive experience and skills and carry the right tools and equipment for any type of painting project. So you’re most likely guaranteed to get reliable, high-quality and durable paint result when working with a qualified pro.

Having said that, not every residential painting company in The Woodlands, Texas, will offer a great painting experience. Every now and then, many homeowners we interact with, share how they’ve had frustrating past experiences with painters who either offered unflattering paint quality, used inferior products, overcharged them, didn’t clean up after or excessively delayed the project.

This often happens when you end up with an unreliable, dishonest, sneaky and inefficient painter. And to ensure that doesn’t happen, avoid the following common mistakes that most homeowners make when hiring a residential painting contractor in The Woodlands.

1) Not Checking For Online Reputation
When looking for a home painting company in The Woodlands, TX, most homeowners head to online platforms and search engines if they can’t find reliable recommendations from within their inner circles. Wherever you get your painter, always take some time to do a quick search about the company online.

Check reviews, feedback, ratings, and conversations about the company on Google My Business, Yelp, Yellow Pages, and community forums and blogs. If the company has significant negative ratings and reviews and a general negative vibe surrounding it, reconsider your options.

2) Not Being Clear About Your Project Scope
When the painter comes around to estimate your project, it’s important to offer as many details and possible so that they get a clear picture of what your needs are. While the professional will always request for any missing details, don’t make any assumptions, because once a crucial part or process of the project is left out, it will cost you more to have it included as the project progresses. So if you want three instead of two coats of paint used on your home exterior, for instance, mention this in advance.

3) Buying The Paint Products Before Hiring A Painter
Painting contractors typically buy all the paint supplies including the paint, primer, and caulking paste –but of course, after consulting with you about your preferred colors and sheen. They have the knowledge and experience that will enable them to choose the best type of paint for your project based on the surrounding climate, type of material, surface condition, exposure to elements and your budget.

They may also help you come up with the best paint color scheme that will complement other surrounding colors, designs and décor materials. If you buy paint on your own, you will miss all these benefits, and chances are you will choose a paint that is not just quite right for your situation.

4) Not Giving Them Enough Time.
Most residential painting projects typically take longer due to the processes involved. So if you have a special event coming up or simply need your painting project finished at a particular time, first have a chat with your painter before scheduling the project. During the estimating process, they will be able to tell you how long such a project would take. This way, you both won’t find yourself in a frustrating situation where the painter is feeling hurried and you, feeling like the project is taking forever.

The Bottom Line

When hiring a painting contractor, research about them, make sure they are insured and reputable, give them enough project details, allow them to advise you on the best paint products, and don’t make them feel hurried.

At Streamline Painting & More, we offer reliable, efficient and high-quality residential painting services. If you would like to give us a try, simply book a FREE estimate below or call us today on 936-718-8354 for more details.

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