4 Benefits of Power Washing Your Commercial Exterior

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Power washing is a crucial maintenance project that is simple and effective, yet easily overlooked. As your commercial building is exposed to weather, muck accumulates on the roof and exterior siding; this accumulation of grime contributes to the deterioration of your exterior surfaces’ appearance. The easy solution to removing unwanted filth from your building’s exterior is commercial power washing! 

Commercial power washing also removes contaminants and hazardous substances that may have built up on industrial structures. In addition, pressure washing increases the lifespan of your property by preventing damage from the build-up of mold and mildew. Overall, regular power washing saves you maintenance time and money as it protects both the appearance and integrity of your commercial space. Read on to discover the full benefits of power washing!  

pressure washing increases curb appeal

Enhances Curb Appeal & Value 

First impressions are important. Before visitors enter your building’s interior, they evaluate the outside and set expectations regarding your business. A clean and well-cared for building demonstrates pride in your business and care for your customers. To maximize the curb appeal of your building, make sure to keep it pristine. Commercial power washing helps clean away grime, making your building more aesthetically pleasing. Your odds of attracting potential clients are higher with an aesthetically pleasing building than a run-down one. 

If you plan on selling your business, having a well-maintained property will put you in an advantageous negotiating position with potential buyers; after all, buyers are likely to pay more for a pristine property than a dirty one. Power washing keeps your property looking new and instantly increases the value of your building. 

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Reduces Future Maintenance and Repairs

Prevent premature deterioration of your facade by removing the build-up of grime on the exterior. A build-up of dirt can trap moisture in the walls leading to the growth of mildew and mold. Protect your building by scheduling seasonal power washing. This vital maintenance slows the disintegration of your commercial exterior. The appearance and quality of your roof can deteriorate over time from exposure to weather. The roof’s ability to repel water is also rejuvenated by the removal of obstructions. Promote longevity by washing away the accumulation of muck on your roof and prevent the degradation of the roofing material. 

Preventive cleaning of your building’s exterior surfaces safeguards against costly maintenance and repairs in the future. Maintenance of property is simpler with clean buildings. When it comes to inspections, clean buildings make this step less stressful. 

Promotes a Healthy Environment 

Exterior mildew and mold can easily seep into the interior, which can become harmful to individuals inside the building. Exposure to these harmful elements can trigger health issues, such as respiratory problems or allergies in some people. Regularly scheduled power washing can prevent mold infiltration by removing fungus growth before it becomes a problem. Moreover, a clean and well-kept building signals to visitors that this place of business prioritizes a healthy environment! 

Slips, trips, and falls are among the most common workplace injuries. Power washing the sidewalks, heavy-trafficked walkways, and parking areas of your commercial building can remove the grease and other potentially hazardous substances that contribute toward these injuries. Eliminating the risks associated with these accidents offers the best protection for your employees and clients; avoiding costly injury claims may save your organization money in the long run. 

Saves Money and Time

While seasonally power washing your property may seem like an inessential expenditure, it is absolutely worth the investment! Regular upkeep of your building reduces your risk for extensive, pricey repairs, which saves you money and time spent in the long run. We highly recommend that you protect your building from severe damage by investing in periodic commercial power washing. 

streamline is here to help

Help with Power Washing

The benefits of commercial power washing are irrefutable. It is important to have regular power washing to protect your buildings from the wear and tear that occurs from exposure to weather. If it’s time to deep clean your commercial exterior, but you need some help tackling the job, reach out to the professionals at Streamline Painting and More. We specialize in collaborating with building managers to make their commercial buildings shine. In addition to painting, our services include pressure washing, surface cleaning, and roof cleaning! 

If you’d like to know more about these services or would like to schedule a consultation, please contact us. We proudly serve the communities of Houston, Spring, The Woodlands, and Conroe, Texas. We look forward to assisting you!

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