3 Reasons Proper Prep Work is Vital for Commercial Painting Project Success

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A fresh and revitalized building is often at the forefront of a commercial property manager’s mind. While a quality paint job may seem like it only involves a few strokes of a brush, many don’t realize that a painting project’s beautiful finish is dependent upon the quality of preparation done to the surfaces.

In fact, the secret behind each and every quality commercial painting project is what goes on beneath the paint. Prep work is vital for many reasons, but to put it simply, a well-prepared surface allows your paint to adhere, look, and last the way it was designed to do. By preparing your surfaces for paint, you’ll be setting your commercial building (and yourself) up for success.

The steps that go into prep work may vary slightly depending on your building, but the methods are essentially the same. Professional painting contractors will clean surfaces with methods that best match your building’s needs. From there, any necessary repairs are made to ensure the longevity of your project.

Resurfacing by sanding and scraping to remove any old paint is done to ensure your surface is smooth. Next, areas that are not going to be painted will be taped and then furniture and fixtures in the area will be protected with drop cloths. Finally, a coat of primer, if necessary, is applied to your surfaces in order to ensure a lasting and beautiful finish for your new paint.

While these steps may seem simple, each has its role to play in the longevity and quality of your painting project. Here are the top 3 reasons why each of these steps is vital for your commercial painting project success.

Prep Work for a Commercial Building in Conroe TX

Reason 1 – Quality surface prep helps new paint adhere smoothly to the surface

In order for your paint to adhere smoothly, your surfaces must be clean. If your surface isn’t clean, the paint will bond to the dirt instead of your surface which results in an uneven finish.

This can cause the paint to dry with bumps and rumples, resulting in bubbling, peeling, or even cracking paint, which won’t allow paint to adhere properly to surfaces. The best way to help the paint adhere and protect your surfaces as it is designed to do is through proper prep work.

Quality prep and commercial paint job in Conroe TX

Reason 2 – Quality surface prep helps with the longevity of the paint project

Each step of the prep work process is done to ensure that your paint lasts as long as possible. By completing every step before beginning a painting project, you can reduce the risk of these common problems caused by painting unprepared surfaces:

-Bubbling, blistering, and water damage

-Cracking, peeling, and flaking

-Uneven color and premature color deterioration

-Mold and Mildew build-up

Cracking paint bad surface prep

A properly prepared surface allows paint to cure properly. The drying time makes a difference in how each surface is protected by the paint that is used. Even if the highest quality paint is used, without proper surface preparation, you’ll likely be dissatisfied with the results. Preparation is key to a successful paint job.

Streamline Paint painting a commercial building in Texas

Reason 3 – Quality surface prep lessens the need for emergency repainting or paint fixes

By allowing paint to dry as a uniform layer, its lifespan is maximized. This means fewer touchups and repainting. By investing in a project that is done well with all the appropriate prep work, you’ll save both time and money in the long run.

Paint protects your well-prepared surfaces, so you add a double-layer of protection to the building materials when you take the time and effort to prepare and paint properly. While the time and care that goes into prep work may seem extensive, these steps simply cannot be rushed or skipped for a quality result.

At Streamline Painting & More, our team of professional painting contractors are experts when it comes to prep work. We take the time to focus on every detail to create a positive experience and one of lasting value for our customers. Working with business owners, facilities and property managers, we are able to complete your painting project so it fits your needs, without compromising the necessary steps it takes to transform your surfaces into ones that will last.

We have years of experience providing accurate estimates, on-time delivery, and top-quality finishes all without sacrificing the high quality of service that is necessary for successful commercial painting projects. Our goal is to provide exceptional craftsmanship and exceed expectations while striving to be a pleasure to work with and consistently deliver on our promises. Schedule your Free Estimate Online now.

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